The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 569

Chapter 569 The Place That Young Master Han Held In The Family 7

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Tan Bengbeng’s gaze flickered. Shortly after, she opened her mouth indifferently and said, “I have an international academic conference coming up soon, but I don’t have the appropriate attire for it.”

“You’re right to have looked for me! I wouldn’t dare say so for other matters, but it surely will not be problem for me to pick out a set of appropriate clothing for you!” Nian Xiaomu did not have any other doubts as she pulled Tan Bengbeng and barged excitedly into the mall.

Shopping was the hidden skill of every woman.

Nian Xiaomu managed to bring her around to shop for the entire afternoon, even though Tan Bengbeng was a woman who did not like shopping.

Both of their hands were filled with shopping bags by the time they emerged from the mall.

Both of them had purchased the clothes required for the entire season in one go, let alone a single set of clothing.

“I miss my fiance right now,” Nian Xiaomu said weakly. Both of her hands were filled with shopping bags, and she leaned against Tan Bengbeng, who was also holding onto bags and bags of shopping loot.

If Yu Yuehan was around now, he would certainly help her carry everything without saying a second word.

Perhaps he would even take the chance to draw her into his embrace, and they would walk together with her in his arms…

Nian Xiaomu unconsciously smiled until her eyebrows curved when his extremely handsome face flashed past her mind.

A person in love would exude an exceptionally sweet aura from their entire body.

Even a blind man could see it, much less Tan Bengbeng, who was forcefully fed the reminder that she was single.

“Nian Xiaomu, you might just lose me as a friend if you continue to smile like a love-struck fool.”


Nian Xiaomu finally restrained her longing for a particular someone after she saw the grim-looking Tan Bengbeng.

When she saw a cafe on the street from the corner of her eye, her eyes lit up!

She pulled Tan Bengbeng in.

“Quick, quick, my legs are breaking. Let’s sit down and have a cup of coffee before we leave!”

Both of them were getting a little tired.

Tan Bengbeng did not object either when she heard that she could rest.

She followed Nian Xiaomu and entered the cafe.

After they found a quiet spot, the both of them sat down and ordered two cups of coffee.

“Hmm? I think I lost a shopping bag…” Just when Nian Xiaomu had settled down in her seat and was about to place her bags down properly, she realized that something was missing when she counted her loot.

The dress that she had just bought was missing.

“Could it be with me?” When Tan Bengbeng heard what she said, she lowered her head and took a look at the pile of bags beside her legs. After looking around, she picked one of the bags up.

“Is this the one?”

“Yes, it is!” Nian Xiaomu couldn’t help it and muttered as she took the bag from Tan Bengbeng happily.

“Both of us have such similar figures. It must be that the salesperson couldn’t make out the difference between us when we were trying on the dresses and placed them in the wrong bag.”

A cunning look swept past Nian Xiaomu’s eyes as she looked at the dress with a sexy design in her hands.

Didn’t Yu Yuehan say that she had neglected him after she got a daughter?

She had bought such a sexy looking dress to wear and show him—This shouldn’t be counted as neglecting him, right?

Nian Xiaomu smiled with squinted eyes again when she thought of Yu Yuehan’s reaction upon seeing her in the dress.

From the way Tan Bengbeng looked at her, it seemed like she was already so tortured that she no longer wanted to speak. As such, she picked up the menu and ordered some desserts.

She was prepared to replenish her sugar level.

And turn her anger into appetite for food!

As Nian Xiaomu picked up the glass in front of her, she gulped down two mouthfuls of water and asked in a puzzled manner, “Why are you heading out on work trips so frequently these days? I thought you usually hated attending those seminars? In the past, you even mentioned that you would rather use the time spent on those social activities to do some medical experiments.”

Tan Bengbeng had a cold personality and did not like to interact with others.

Asking her to travel for social activities was akin to asking her to go to the gallows; she would reject it whenever she could.

Yet, why did she suddenly love to travel now…