The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 572

Chapter 572 Breathtaking 2

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“Let me put out a disclaimer first. I did not torture him, I just missed him and wanted him to come pick me up. In this case, I would get to see him ASAP and would not have to wait until I got home. I think my lovesickness is acting up again. Since you don’t have a boyfriend, you would not know that being a day away from your dear one is akin to not seeing him for three seasons…”

“Enough! Shut up!” Tan Bengbeng was about to vomit from all the reminders that hinted about her single status. Reaching out, she directly covered up Nian Xiaomu’s mouth, which had great power to wound.

The next second, she saw that Nian Xiaomu had cast a glance at her.

Even though she could not utter it out in words, she hinted at Tan Bengbeng with her gaze and expressed: See, I have already mentioned it before. A single person like you would never understand the sweetness of being in a relationship.

Tan Bengbeng: “…!!”

She felt all the malice in this world!

When Nian Xiaomu saw her stunned look, she pushed Tan Bengbeng’s hand away and said, “Bengbeng, don’t stay in the operating room all the time. Go out and find a guy to date!”



Tan Bengbeng seemed not to have thought about this aspect of her life, and the expression in her eyes turned vacant instantly.

She stared at Nian Xiaomu blankly.

“What do you mean by staring at me like this? Haven’t you ever thought about getting married, having a child, and forming your own family one day?” Nian Xiaomu reached out and pinched Tan Bengbeng’s face.

Tan Bengbeng only snapped back to her senses when she felt the pain from her face.

However, her gaze toward Nian Xiaomu became a little downcast.

Getting married.

Having a child.

She had never once thought about these issues…

“Enough from you. There are countless of patients, but being ill doesn’t stop them from dating. You’re a doctor, but you live like a nun all day long. If everyone was like you, I’m afraid that the medical colleges would not be able to recruit any students.”

Nian Xiaomu couldn’t help it and nagged at Tan Bengbeng when she saw that Tan Bengbeng wasn’t speaking.

“Look at me. I am someone who once rose from the dead, yet I have already found my true love and am about to begin my new life.”

“New life…” Tan Bengbeng muttered softly and seemed to be pondering over the meaning behind this phrase.

Immediately after, she smiled gently.

All of a sudden, a relieved look appeared on her usually expressionless face as she looked up slightly.

“You are right, the life that we are living now is perhaps far more important than anything else.”

Tan Bengbeng reached out and tightly took ahold of both of Nian Xiaomu’s hands. Just like someone urging a family member, she said, “Xiao Mumu, you are someone who once rose from the dead. You must work hard for your own happiness from now on!”


Nian Xiaomu stared blankly for a few seconds; she was in the middle of enlightening Tan Bengbeng, but all of a sudden, the roles were reversed and Tan Bengbeng was advising her instead.

Tan Bengbeng had already released her grip on Nian Xiaomu before she could regain her composure. Sticking her finger out, she pointed at the glass window and said, “Goddess, your fiancé.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

She turned around and looked out through the window without hesitation when she heard that Yu Yuehan was here.

When she recognized the car that was parked at the roadside as well as the man who had alighted from the car, her eyes lit up instantly!

She waved her hands hurriedly and gestured for the service staff to come over to settle the bill.

Then, with large and small bags in hand, she walked out with Tan Bengbeng.

Just when she reached the entrance of the cafe, she bumped into Yu Yuehan, who was on his way in to pick her up.

As Yu Yuehan took the bags from her hands, he saw the emerging perspiration on her forehead and reached out to wipe lovingly wipe it away. Then, he pulled her to his side.

He opened his mouth indifferently and asked, “What did you buy?”

Immediately, Nian Xiaomu set her small lips apart and answered, “It’s a secret! I’ll surprise you when we get back.”

Her pair of animated eyes sparkled in a charming manner when she said the word “surprise.”

It so badly made one have the urge to pull her into their embrace…

Yu Yuehan’s eyes sparkled. As if he were acting on instinct, he lowered his head and planted a kiss on her lips.

He didn’t care about any surprises now; all that he cared about was when she would be done with her period!