The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 575

Chapter 575 Breathtaking 5

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It never crossed Tang Yuansi’s mind that the day would come when he would need to act stealthily in a concert hall and sneakily avoid being seen by anyone.

He walked through the inner aisle toward the front seats.

When he reached the first row, he could easily spot Shangxin and Wang Chen, who kept smiling at her!

Wang Chen was very young and the same age as Shangxin. While he didn’t exude the charm of a mature and dependable man, he had the disposition of a cheerful young man.

Tang Yuansi could not figure out what Wang Chen was saying to Shangxin, but very soon, Shangxin suddenly smiled back at him.

She even picked up the bottle of water next to her, twisted the cap open, and passed the drink to him!

Seeing this scene unfold before him, Tang Yuansi’s eyes narrowed!

How long have they known each other? Why were they behaving so intimately?

It’d be game over for him by the end of the concert!

The key point was that by the time he found out about the concert and ordered his secretary to buy tickets, it was already too late.

The tickets for the seats near her seat were already sold out.

The seat that Tang Yuansi managed to get was in the front row, but was ten seats away from Shangxin!

Unless he had bionic ears, there was no way for him to hear what they were talking about…

Narrowing his eyes, Tang Yuansi clutched his ticket tightly in his hand. Seizing the chance to take action before the concert started, he walked in Shangxin’s direction and gestured to a person in the row right behind hers. Whipping out a wad of cash from his wallet, Tang Yuansi handed over the money and his ticket to this person.

Taken aback at first, this person very quickly understood Tang Yuansi’s intention.

Double checking that Tang Yuansi wasn’t fooling around, this person readily accepted the offer and gave the seat to him.

Before he walked away, this person even turned to take another look at the “oddball.”

Tang Yuansi: “…”

After clearing a series of obstacles, Tang Yuansi finally managed to get a seat near Shangxin before the concert started.

This seat was in the row right behind hers, but two seats away from hers.

It wasn’t directly behind her.

Even if she were to turn around, she would not be able to spot him easily.

However, he could clearly see her pretty profile from where he was sitting.

She had tied her hair into a bun, exposing her cute ear lobes.

As they glowed in the dim lighting, Tang Yuansi was very tempted to pinch them…

Her ear lobes were her most sensitive spots.

Whenever he touched them, she would pounce into his arms and beg him to stop…

Tang Yuansi’s gaze became dark at this sudden thought. His eyes that were fixated on her were filled with emotion.

Sensing that someone was looking at her, Shangxin suddenly turned around and looked behind her.

When she saw that the person behind her was a stranger, she turned to the side, but the lights in the concert hall suddenly grew dim.

Even the lights on the stage were dimmed.

The entire concert hall plunged into darkness.

Tang Yuansi heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he heard Wang Chen’s voice say, “The concert is about to start. Why are you looking backward instead of at the stage?”

“No, it’s nothing. It’s just that it feels like someone is watching me…” This familiar feeling was very strong, and Shangxin was determined to find out who it was.

However, the lights had gone out in the venue.

Shangxin could only make out shadows in the dark and could not see anything clearly.

Suddenly, a ray of light shone upon the center of the stage…

The curtains on the stage drew open slowly.


As the performance began, a resounding applause broke out among the audience.

Shangxin subconsciously followed the source of the audio and looked toward the stage.

Just when she was about to ask Wang Chen about the first performance, she felt the person next to her lean over…