The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Breathtaking 6

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Watching from behind, Tang Yuansi shot up from his seat when he saw what was happening!

Clenching his fists tightly, he couldn’t stop to think before plunging forward to beat up Wang Chen, who was trying to get handsy with Shangxin!

Just as he took a step, he saw Wang Chen’s face stop just millimeters away from Shangxin’s face.

He leaned toward her ear, and whispered something before moving away…

As Tang Yuansi’s eyebrows furrowed together, he froze and stood rooted to the ground.

His sudden movement caused a slight commotion among the audience. They reminded him to sit down.

When he snapped back to his senses, he noticed that the noise had caught Shangxin’s attention. Before she could turn her head to check what was going on, Tang Yuansi dropped back into his seat and covered his face with the ticket in his hand.

When he realized that he was overreacting, he hastily put his hand down and sat up nervously!

This was the first time he felt the urge to crawl and hide under a chair…

Thankfully, the concert had begun.

The lights on the stage brightened and dimmed periodically, so it was difficult to see anyone clearly.

Shangxin had just turned to see what was going on behind her, but turned back very quickly.

It seemed as if she had discovered something, so she leaned toward Wang Chen and whispered something. Wang Chen broke into a smile and looked very happy judging by the curled sides of his lips.

To Tang Yuansi, all these images were stinging to his eyes!

From the beginning up until now, Tang Yuansi had no idea what was happening onstage.

The focus of his gaze did not leave Shangxin, who was just a short distance away from him.

He watched as she listened to the music quietly and turned to whisper to Wang Chen at times.

Then, Wang Chen placed the bottle near her mouth, causing Tang Yuansi to freeze again. Gripping the armrests of his seat, Tang Yuansi willed himself not to rush forward.

In his heart, he was hoping that Shangxin would push Wang Chen’s hand away.

It would be even better if she felt that he was too frivolous and flung his hand off angrily…

However, his wishful thinking did not come true. Instead, Shangxin leaned over and took a sip from the bottle of water in Wang Chen’s hand.

Tang Yuansi could not see her expression, but he could guess that right now, she was smiling at Wang Chen…

This was because Tang Yuansi could clearly see that Wang Chen had suddenly smiled too…

They had just met for the first time, but were acting so intimate already.

Tang Yuansi had never seen Shangxin chatting so well with a stranger.

The two of them were in discussion with each other throughout the performance.

Sitting alone behind them, Tang Yuansi stared so hard that his eyeballs were about to pop out of their sockets.

If sharp looks could kill, Wang Chen would have died many times…

During the intermission, when Tang Yuansi saw Wang Chen get up to go to the bathroom, he hurriedly stood up and followed him from behind.

Then, he watched him walk out of the concert hall and dial a number on his phone.

Sensing that there was something amiss, Tang Yuansi refrained from rushing forward.

Instead, he stood a few steps behind Wang Chen and observed him while he was on the phone.

“Dad, it’s me. I was in the concert hall earlier and didn’t hear my phone ring because it was too noisy.”

“Shangxin? Very pretty… Yes, yes, yes, I know her family background. I will not offend her…”

“Dad, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. You should have more faith in your son. When have I disappointed you before?”


While Wang Chen was still on the phone, the look on Tang Yuansi’s face had turned dark.

At the thought of how Wang Chen was plotting to get close to Shangxin to make use of her, Tang Yuansi’s calm gaze started to stir.

Marching forward, he tapped Wang Chen on the shoulder.

At the instant that Wang Chen turned his head, Tang Yuansi landed a punch on his face!