The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Breathtaking 7

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With a thump, Wang Chen was beaten to the ground.

The cell phone in his hand had flown out as well, and one could still vaguely hear the instructions that sounded from the cell phone.

“It is good that you know what kind of person she is. In short, you must never offend her…”

Tang Yuansi nearly foamed at the mouth when he heard those words.

Before Wang Chen could regain his composure, Tang Yuansi walked forward and grabbed ahold of the collar of Wang Chen’s shirt. As Tang Yuansi lifted him up, he swung another two punches at Wang Chen’s body!

Wang Chen was beaten to the extent that he saw stars dancing before his eyes.

The moment Tang Yuansi thought of how a scumbag like Wang Chen had approached and wanted to use the precious girl who Tang Yuansi had cared for dearly ever since he was young, he couldn’t wait to kill Wang Chen!

Just when he wanted to send another strike, he saw a familiar figure heading over in his direction from the corner of his eye.

Stunned, Tang Yuansi released his grip immediately as he turned around and left.

Soon after, he heard Shangxin cry out in alarm near the bathrooms.

“Wang Chen!”

Shangxin had merely gone to the bathroom for a short while; she obviously had not expected to see Wang Chen lying on the floor after receiving a beating.

She rushed forward and helped him up.

Turning around, she took a glance at the surroundings, but did not see anybody else around.

Wang Chen was beaten to the extent that his cheek bones had swelled up.

Squinting one of his eyes, he pressed against Shangxin’s hand when he saw that she was about to call for an ambulance.

“I am fine. I merely got punched a couple of times.”

“What happened?”

He was perfectly fine before he went to the bathroom, but now he was beaten up.

He was viciously pummeled.

Wang Chen’s face was on the verge of being ruined from the assault.

Who exactly had such hatred and desire for revenge?

Wang Chen looked like a gentle and refined person; it didn’t seem like he would offend others either.

“I also don’t know. I was on the phone when a crazy guy suddenly rushed out and gave me a beating without a second word. His actions were too fast, and I didn’t even get to take a close look at what he looked like… Ouch!” The moment Wang Chen opened his mouth to speak, he exacerbated the wounds on his face and grimaced in pain.

Shangxin frowned and asked, “Did you offend someone?”

How could a crazy person emerge out of nowhere from the concert hall and beat someone up?

Furthermore, this was near the bathrooms of the concert hall.

Only ticket holders could come here.

“Let’s file a police report for the sake of safety.” As Shangxin said this, she whipped out her cell phone and got ready to make the phone call.

Wang Chen grabbed ahold of Shangxin’s hand, smiled, and said, “Don’t! For a true man, getting a couple of beatings does not matter. This is the first time you have gone out with me, and it would be so dampening if we ended up at the police station. I am fine—I will just treat this as if I was bitten by a mad dog.”

Shangxin grinned as well when she saw his cheerful smile.

As Tang Yuansi stood at a corner, his eyes narrowed when he saw what was happening.

His hands silently clenched into tight fists.

With the gaze that he directed toward Wang Chen, he looked like a devil who had just emerged from hell.

A dreadful aura surrounded his entire body…

“Even if we don’t file a police report, I can’t just leave you in this state either. Let’s forgo the concert. I saw a clinic downstairs when I came just now, and I’ll accompany you there to get your wounds treated.” Shangxin stood up and helped him up from the ground.

She told him to wait for her here because she wanted to head to the bathroom first.

“I am fine, you go ahead. I promise that I will not go anywhere. I will stand here obediently and wait for you to come back.” Reaching out, Wang Chen covered the wounded half of his face as he smiled and assured her.

He cursed softly again as his curved lips aggravated his wound.

After he saw that Shangxin’s figure had disappeared through the entrance of the bathroom, he was about to walk up to the wall and lean against it to rest for a the moment. However, he heard a strange series of footsteps coming from behind his back.

These footsteps sounded too familiar…

His nerves turned cold as he turned around immediately!

Before he had time to return to his senses, a fist swung toward the other part of his face—the part that was not wounded!