The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 578

Chapter 578 I'll Turn Crazy For You I'll Turn Into A Demon For You

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When Shangxin came out from her short trip to the bathroom, it never crossed her mind that she would see Wang Chen being pinned to the ground and getting beaten up yet again.

As the fierce and ruthless punches rained down, it seemed like the attacker was really hitting Wang Chen as hard as he could!

When she recognized that Tang Yuansi was the attacker, she was instantly stunned…

Tang Yuansi was actually so mad that he had gone mad!

He didn’t have the power and wasn’t in the position to stop her from going on blind dates.

If Wang Chen really liked her, no matter how unwilling Tang Yuansi was, he could only endure it.

However, the moment he remembered that Wang Chen had a motive for getting close to Shangxin and had even had thoughts about making use of her family background, Tang Yuansi could not control his rage!


He actually had the guts to put on a pitiful expression in front of Shangxin.

He did not want to file a police report, right?

He insisted on continuing the date, right?

Tang Yuansi would make sure that Wang Chen would have a date with a doctor at the hospital!

Tang Yuansi wasn’t sure if he felt furious or jealous as he grabbed ahold of Wang Chen and rained ruthless punches down on him.

He seemed to have detected something and stiffened slightly when he realized that someone was staring at him from behind. Then, he turned around to look in the direction of the bathroom…

The expressions on both of their faces changed immediately as their gazes met each other.

Tang Yuansi’s body froze as he stopped the fist that was already beside the tip of Wang Chen’s nose.

Wang Chen, who was beaten silly, finally regained his composure. As he reached out to push Tang Yuansi away, he crawled up and scrambled in Shangxin’s direction.

“Shangxin, quick. Call the police to arrest this crazy guy!”


Shangxin stood rooted to the ground and did not move a single inch when she heard what Wang Chen said.

She had even forgotten to help Wang Chen up.

All she did was stare fixedly at Tang Yuansi, who had appeared in front of her with an evil and foreboding air emanating from his entire body.

She had never seen him in such a state before…

Even though he was a domineering person, he treated everyone in a gentle manner and rarely had disputes with others, let alone lay his hands on them.

Even when he was crowded out in the orphanage, he merely cast a cold glance at the other party and proceeded to find a quiet spot to sit down.

With a look that seemed like he was about to murder someone, this was her first time seeing him in such a furious state…

Was this just because Wang Chen went on a blind date with her?

As Wang Chen covered his face that was as swollen as a pig’s head, he scurried toward her and shouted her name anxiously, “Shangxin, Shangxin…!”

When Shangxin finally recovered from her thoughts, she saw that Tang Yuansi was walking toward her as well.

However, he wasn’t looking at her—he was staring at Wang Chen, who was standing behind her.

Wang Chen was truly afraid after being beaten so severely. The moment he saw Tang Yuansi walk over, he was so intimidated that he hid directly behind Shangxin’s back and got ready to scream for help.

“Xin’er, come over here.” Tang Yuansi’s eyes sank when he saw that Wang Chen was hiding behind Shangxin.

A man who couldn’t protect her and instead required her protection—how useless could he be?!

Wang Chen was struck dumb when he heard Tang Yuansi’s voice.

He opened his mouth slightly, stared at her with a look of disbelief, and asked, “The two of you know each other? Did he beat me up because…”

As Wang Chen squinted his eyes that were on the verge of swelling shut, he twisted his head to and fro, taking turns to stare at the two of them.

Soon after, he realized that the man before him looked a bit familiar.

He seemed to have seen him somewhere…

“You are, you are the new CEO of the Tang Corporation, Tang Yuansi!”

When Wang Chen saw that Tang Yuansi was walking toward him after he had just recognized who Tang Yuansi was, he felt so threatened that he hurriedly said, “President Tang, words will do! Even if I have done something to offend you, could you please clarify the issue before you lay your hands on me? At least I will know the reason why before I die!”

Before Tang Yuansi could speak, Shangxin had already positioned herself in front of Wang Chen with a chilly look on her face.

Anger seeped through her gaze.

“Tang Yuansi, have you had enough?”

“No! I will make him a paralyzed man today if you dare to get together with this scumbag!”