The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 579

Chapter 579 Afraid Of Being Silenced For Knowing Too Much

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Not understanding what Tang Yuansi was trying to get at, Shangxin frowned and turned to look at Wang Chen, who was cowering behind her and scared out of his wits.

Although Wang Chen was the same age as her, his personality was more like that of a big kid. What did Wang Chen do to offend Tang Yuansi for Tang Yuansi to call him a scumbag?

Tang Yuansi narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips. He did not answer immediately because he did not want Shangxin to know what he had heard Wang Chen say earlier.

Tang Yuansi, speak up if you have something to say. Are you a man or not? Shangxin berated Tang Yuansi when she noticed that he was hesitating to give an explanation.

Hearing this, Tang Yuansi furrowed his eyebrows.

However, he did not seem bothered by Shangxins rebuke. Instead, he walked toward her and stroked her head as he answered, A girl shouldnt lash out at people so easily.

Anyway, dont you know best whether Im a man or not?

As soon as the words were spoken, Shangxin froze in shock while Wang Chens eyes widened in astonishment. It was as if he had overheard a great secret.

He wanted to find out more, but was afraid he might be silenced for knowing too much.

Shangxin, why dont the two of you continue to chat while I leave first? stuttered Wang Chen nervously.

This situation was too stressful for him to handle!

Clutching his face that was stinging painfully with his hand, he turned to leave. However, Shangxin reached her hand out to stop him and ordered, You arent allowed to leave! If anyone should leave, it should be him!

Shangxin pointed at Tang Yuansi.

Wang Chen was the person she was going on a date with. Not only did Tang Yuansi crash their date, he even beat Wang Chen up and tried to chase him away. How could he be so unreasonable?

Are you chasing me away? Tang Yuansi knitted his eyebrows as his expression turned cold.

Seeing that she was siding Wang Chen, he thought of the previous conversation that Wang Chen had with his father.

This pair of father and son were obviously trying to get close to Shangxin because they were targeting her distinguished family background.

Tang Yuansi could hardly restrain himself from bashing Wang Chen up again.

However, when he met Shangxins infuriated glare, he couldnt bring himself to get mad at her. A light flickered past his eyes as he said calmly, I will not leave.

Tang Yuansis stubborn response almost made Shangxin spit out blood.

This was a public place after all, and Tang Yuansi had bought a ticket to attend. If he didnt want to leave, she had no right to force him to.

Fine. If you dont leave, I will! Shangxin retorted through gritted teeth as she glared at Tang Yuansi.

Then, she reached her hand out to Wang Chen, but just as her fingers touched his clothes, Wang Chen got a fright from Tang Yuansis icy stare and hastily stumbled backward.

No, no, its fine. I can walk on my own.

He didnt want to get beaten up again for no rhyme or reason


Shangxin and Wang Chen walked ahead while Tang Yuansi followed behind them.

The three of them left the concert hall and entered the clinic one floor down. When the nurse on duty saw Wang Chens bashed up face that was bruised and swollen, she thought that she had seen a ghost!

Please attend to his injuries. Thank you, Shangxin said as she walked over to the nurse.

The nurse nodded at Shangxins words, then shifted her gaze toward the three people and thought in her mind that this must be a love triangle.

While her nosy expression was clear for all to see, she held herself back from asking Wang Chen if he had tried to seduce someone elses girlfriend and if that was why he got beaten up

As soon as the nurse dabbed Wang Chens face with an alcohol swab, Wang Chen let out a loud shriek.

Be gentle! Its so painful

The nurse continued dabbing on his wounds as she lectured, If youre so afraid of pain, why werent you afraid just now when you were fighting? Of all people to like, why did you become a third party and pick someone who has a boyfriend?