The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 580

Chapter 580 It Was Only Because She Had Always Loved Him

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Wang Chen felt wronged, but could not clarify the misunderstanding.

He had been beaten up for no reason, and now, he was being discriminated against…

The nurse who was attending to him probably hated third parties who broke up other people’s relationships. During the treatment, her face was dark as she savagely applied the medication on his wounds.

It hurt so much that Wang Chen felt like dropping to the floor and rolling around in pain…

While waiting outside the room, Shangxin’s face was filled with concern when she heard the shrieks coming out from inside.

Seeing the worried expression on her face, Tang Yuansi walked over and turned her around to face him. In a low voice, he said, “You can like anyone except for Wang Chen!”

“…” What a crazy guy.

Shangxin rolled her eyes and ignored him, turning back to face the clinic.

Tang Yuansi did not give up and walked in front of her. Grabbing her shoulders, he exclaimed, “Wang Chen is not a decent person! He doesn’t deserve you!”

“…” He must be out of his mind.

Refusing to look at Tang Yuansi anymore, Shangxin walked toward the rest area and sat down to wait.

Surprised by her lack of reaction, Tang Yuansi followed behind her and sat down next to her. In a gentle tone, he said, “I won’t stop you if you want to go on blind dates, but at least find someone who is sincere. Wang Chen has an ulterior motive…”

“Are you done talking?”

Shangxin cut Tang Yuansi short, stood up, and walked over to Wang Chen when she saw him walk out.

After the treatment, Wang Chen’s face was almost completely bandaged up.

Seeing Tang Yuansi again gave him a big fright!

“Let’s go.” Shangxin could see that he was still trembling in fear. Without saying too much, she held his arm and helped him to walk out of the clinic.

By the time they reached the exit, Tang Yuansi had caught up with them.

Wang Chen hastily retracted his hand and stood as far away as he could from Shangxin.

“What do you want, Tang Yuansi?” Shangxin’s face turned dark.

Tang Yuansi had said that he would not stop her from going on blind dates, yet he kept disrupting every blind date that she went on!

“I said he won’t do!”

Tang Yuansi’s face turned dark as he said through gritted teeth, “I heard with my own ears as he reassured his father over the phone that he would coax you even if he did not like you and that he would surely not offend you… This scumbag isn’t true to you. He only wants to make use of you!”

Unable to hold it in anymore, Tang Yuansi decided to expose Wang Chen.

In that instant, the air seemed to freeze, and the three people plunged into a strange silence.

The first person to regain their composure was Wang Chen.

Hearing Tang Yuansi’s words, Wang Chen hurriedly tried to explain himself and said, “Please don’t get me wrong, Shangxin. I only told my father that because…”

Seeing Shangxin’s face turn pale, Tang Yuansi raised his hand to punch Wang Chen again.

Just as he was about to strike out at Wang Chen, Shangxin’s hoarse voice spoke out.

“Then do you know why I was willing to go on a date with him?” Her gaze was clear and intense as she slowly turned toward Tang Yuansi.

Next, her eyes started to well up with tears.

“…” Tang Yuansi was taken aback.

The next second, Shangxin enunciated every word clearly and said, “It is because before we met, he told me that he already has someone he likes and that he will not take this blind date seriously.”

Tang Yuansi: “…!!”

“Are you satisfied now, Tang Yuansi?”

Then, Shangxin turned to apologize to Wang Chen and hailed a taxi, leaving without another word!

“If you really like her, then you should go after her! If the person I like likes me that much, I would never let her go…” Wang Chen nudged Tang Yuansi as he watched him become trapped in a daze.

Immediately, Tang Yuansi snapped back to his senses and turned to get his car!