The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 581

Chapter 581 His Difficulties

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He ran to the car park and found his car.

He was anxious and ran the whole way over. At the moment that the car door opened, his body wavered a little, and his face suddenly turned a bit pale.

The moment he thought about Shangxin, who had left out of spite, he forced his body up as he opened the car door and sat in the driver’s seat.

He ignited the engine and chased after her.

The speed of a cab would definitely lose to that of a sports car.

Furthermore, Tang Yuansi knew which hotel she was staying at and hence had a very clear target.

He saw the cab that Shangxin had taken shortly after he drove out.

Just when Tang Yuansi wanted to step on the accelerator and speed up, he suddenly squinted his eyes when he felt a smothered pain in his chest.

Both of his hands were gripping the steering wheel with such force that veins popped up from the backs of his hands.

His originally pale looking face had turned ghastly pale by now.

Seeing that he was about to catch up with the cab in front, he gritted his teeth and parked his car by the roadside.

The moment his car came to a stop, he slumped against his seat. As he forcefully pressed against his chest with his left hand, he fumbled around the hidden compartment of his car with his right hand…

Soon, he found a small bottle of pills.

He poured one pill out from the bottle.

He threw it into his mouth directly and simply swallowed it without drinking any water.

Just a simple action like this seemed to have exhausted him of all his energy.

Tang Yuansi’s entire body was soaked with perspiration, and not a single trace of color could be seen on his handsome face; the hand that was pressing against his chest stayed in its original spot the entire time…

He watched helplessly as the car that Shangxin was in disappeared from his sight.

All of a sudden, his body tilted sideways and collapsed against the car door. As he struggled with the last bit of his consciousness, he dialed his assistant’s number.

The view in front of him turned pitch black just after the call went through…

At the entrance of the hotel.

The cab came to a stop.

As Shangxin alighted from the car, she looked at the empty street behind her. A self mocking smile appeared at the corner of her lips.

What was she looking forward to?

Tang Yuansi would be in a hurry to avoid her since he realized that she had not yet let go of her feeling for him. Why would he dare to come and look for her?

“Thank you, driver.” After Shangxin paid for her ride, she turned around and headed into the hotel.

She went back to her room. Just before she unlocked and entered her room, she couldn’t help it and turned around to take another glance at the stairway.

She closed her room door with a calm look after she confirmed over and over again that there really was no one behind her.

However, her cheeks were stained with tears at the very second that she closed the door.

She leaned against the door and slumped against it weakly.

She covered her face with both hands and cried silently…

Beep, beep…

Her cell phone rang.

As she dug out her cell phone from her bag, she took a glance at the caller ID and picked it up.

Her manager’s voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

“A high-end magazine is looking to invite you to do a shoot for their weekly cover. It’s the magazine publisher that you’ve always liked. However, the shoot location is overseas, so I wanted to ask you for your opinion on this…”

“I’ll go,” Shangxin suddenly said.

She reached out and gently cleaned the tears from her face. When she lifted her head and looked up again, her gaze had already reverted to its peaceful look.

One would not realize that she had cried if not for her red-rimmed eyes.

“Help me to settle the procedures for leaving the country ASAP. I hope to leave by tomorrow.”

If she stayed in the country, she wouldn’t be able to control herself—She would miss Tang Yuansi and have the urge to meet him. In that case, she should just leave.

The further she traveled, the better it would be…

He would not be on her mind constantly if she did not see him.

“Tomorrow?” The manager was stunned. “That’s such a rush. Shangxin, I haven’t even sent you the details of this event…”

As Shangxin stood up slowly, she looked around at the chilliness of the room and said, “No need for that. Let’s just sign the contract since you think that there are no problems with it. I only have one request, which is to shoot in advance. I want to leave the country tomorrow.”