The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 582

Chapter 582 A Place Unknown To Others

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When she finished speaking, she hung up the phone before her manager could reply to her.

Holding her cell phone in her hand, she walked to the bedside and turned around to take a good look at the hotel room that she had already been staying in for a period of time.

In the past, she had never felt lonesome on her own in here.

However, ever since he stepped foot into this room, she felt an unbearable sense of chill every time she returned here alone.

She was exhausted.

After chasing and lingering for so long, he would have been touched by her if he loved her.

Yet, all she could see in him was avoidance and impatience.

Perhaps he was very annoyed with her?

He showed some concern for her only because he had too much to drink and accidentally had a one night stand with her. What he felt toward her was guilt.

He cared about who she went on blind dates with so that he could make sure she picked someone suitable and reliable. It would be easy for him to pass her to another man and not worry about the future implications…

She had made herself look so cheap.

The more he acted this way, the more humiliated she felt.

Walking over to the bar, Shangxin took out a bottle of red wine. Pouring a glass for herself, she finished it in one shot.

Just as she was about to pour another glass of wine, Shangxin felt a sudden surge of nausea.

Putting the glass down, she rushed into the bathroom.


The red wine that she drank just a moment ago was emptied into the toilet bowl.

Then, she continued to vomit until she threw up all the contents in her stomach. Finally feeling more alive, Shangxin dropped to the floor next to the toilet bowl, unable to stand up…

Nightfall. The sky was dark.

A low-key black luxury car stopped along the quiet street.

In contrast to the bustling road on the opposite side, this felt like a forgotten world.

“Master Fan, this is the place according to the address we got.” The assistant parked the car and pointed toward a dark parade square.

Looking over from the car, there was not a single person there.

It did not look like a flourishing commercial center.

Hearing the assistant’s words, Fan Yu shut his laptop and looked out of the car window.

Taking in the scene before his eyes, his warm gaze lit up slightly.

Pushing the car door open, he stepped out onto the street.

Passing through a quiet walkway, he walked all the way to the public square.

There were only icy winds blowing past the empty public square.

Fan Yu did not feel anxious. Instead, he walked around once to find an entrance in the extreme corner.

Just as he was about to step closer, he discovered that the only entrance had been sealed.

Stopping in his tracks, Fan Yu asked,

“Did you get the address wrong?”

“It should be correct. According to the donor of the ring, he bought the ring because he was dragged to the black market auction venue while he was drunk. At that moment, he thought the design of the ring was very unique and the price was low, so he bought it. Other than this, he did not know anything else,” reported the assistant respectfully.

The black market auction venue was not a lawful auction center.

Most of the items came from unknown sources, and it was usually a place for people to sell stolen goods.

That was why people with prominent social status would not wish for anyone to find out that they had bought things from this place before.

From the look of it, they were too late.

The police must have discovered this place and locked it up.

When Fan Yu returned to his car, his handsome face was overcast with worry.

Tan Bengbeng was too tight-lipped to reveal anything.

Yet now, the only clue regarding the Queen’s Ring was a dead end…

Fan Yu’s eyes narrowed as a streak of light flickered within them. Deep in thought, Fan Yu’s long fingers tapped against the car door.