The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 583

Chapter 583 100 Million Slipped By

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His gaze landed on the public square in front of him yet again.

“Send someone to ask around and find out if anyone nearby has seen this ring before. Put your focus on the local tyrant here and ask them about it.”

The underground auction venue where the Queen’s Ring appeared was right below this public square.

This meant that all the hooligans roaming around this area had all heard about it.

In this case, it was highly possible that someone had seen this ring before!

The assistant quickly understood what he meant and said, “I’ll send someone to get a photograph of the Queen’s Ring and ask around!”

Within an hour after the assistant released the information, his cell phone rang.

He picked up the call. After a while, he turned around with a surprised expression and looked at Fan Yu before saying, “Young Master Fan, someone said that he had seen the Queen’s Ring before and that he can provide clues regarding the Queen’s Ring. He wants to meet you!”

Fan Yu opened his lips and said without any hesitation, “Bring him to me right away!”

In a private villa.

As Fan Yu stood in front of the French window in his study room, he held a glass of red wine in his hand and fixed his gaze on the bright moon outside the window.

Not long after, the butler knocked on the door of his study room.

“Young Master, he is here.”

The person who appeared with the butler was a hooligan who was around 25 years of age; he was shifty-eyed and wore a tattered t-shirt and jeans set.

It seemed like this was his first time coming to such a luxurious villa, and he could not stop darting his crafty-looking eyes left and right the whole time.

When he saw that Fan Yu was looking in his direction, he straightened his back immediately and walked to him.

The young man with the looks of a hooligan said excitedly, “Fan, Young Master Fan, I am the person that you wanted to meet. I have seen the Queen’s Ring before!”

He stopped short after merely speaking these words.

He did not continue speaking. Instead, he stared at Fan Yu, and a greedy ray of light appeared from behind his eyes.

His intent was obvious.

If Fan Yu wanted to get the information, he must exchange money for it.

When Fan Yu saw this, he strolled to the front of his study desk. Reaching out, he pulled a chair out and sat down before sneering, “I have the money. As long as your information turns out to be true, I will not treat you unfairly.”

When the shifty-eyed hooligan heard this, his eyes lit up instantly!

He spoke without a second word.

“Everything that I said is definitely the truth. I have a buddy named Fangzi—he was the one who sold this ring at the underground auction! After hearing that this ring was later auctioned off at a sky-high price of 100 million yuan at another auction, he brags to me everyday and says that he allowed 100 million yuan to slip by!”

“How did Fangzi, the guy that you mentioned, get ahold of this ring?” Fan Yu narrowed his eyes as a ray of dark light flashed past his eyes.

He stood up from his seat and walked to the hooligan.

The hooligan was intimidated by his gaze and retreated a few steps backward, saying, “Umm, this I don’t know about. You said that you wanted to know how the Queen’s Ring came here, and I have already told you everything that I know.”

Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes contracted, and he asked in a chilly tone, “What about this Fangzi whom you mentioned? You should know where he is now, right?”

The hooligan nodded his head frantically and replied, “I know about this. However, a few days ago, he said that he had something going on at home and wanted to take a trip back to his hometown. I don’t know if he has returned yet.”

“Give me the address of his hometown.” Reaching out, Fan Yu took a slip of paper from his desk and passed it to the person in front of him.

“I, I am not that close with Fangzi. I really don’t know where his hometown is,” the hooligan said with a look of distress.

Fan Yu’s voice deepened, and he said with a pause after every word, “In that case, you should know the address where he stays at, yeah?”

“I know, I know! I know about this!”

The hooligan reached out to take the pen and wrote down an address at lightning speed.