The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Love Love Love. I Love You The Most.

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After he was done writing, he looked at Fan Yu with a highly expectant look—He was waiting to collect his money and leave.

After Fan Yu took the slip of paper with the written address from him, he passed it to his assistant without a second word and said, “Send someone to check this place out and see if we can find that guy named Fangzi. As for you…”

Fan Yu’s gaze landed on the hooligan standing before him.

With just a single gaze from Fan Yu, the hooligan lifted both his hands up immediately and vowed, “Young Master Fan, I guarantee that I have already told you what I know and that I really don’t know about anything else. Furthermore, I am not in any way related to this—Fangzi was the one who had secretly done all those things by himself!”

Fan Yu ignored what he said. As he looked at his assistant directly, he instructed, “Send someone to monitor him. He’s not allowed to go anywhere before we find Fangzi!”

“Yes!” The assistant brought him away shortly afterward.

The study room fell silent.

Only the hazy moonlight shone in from outside the windows.

As Fan Yu stood in front of the study table, the scene of him chancing upon Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu’s fitting session in the mall flashed past his eyes.

He didn’t have much time left.

If Nian Xiaomu was really his Liuliu, he needed to find the evidence that proved her identity immediately.

The Queen’s Ring was his only lead currently!

Fan Yu tightened his fists silently as a streak of light stained his gentle looking eyes.

Yu Family villa.

Nian Xiaomu had just changed her clothes. Just as she lay herself comfortably on the bed, someone pulled her up from the bed at the very next second.

He reached his hands out toward her.

As Yu Yuehan tilted his handsome face that had distinct facial features, he opened his thin lips and asked, “Nian Xiaomu, where’s my surprise?”

Nian Xiaomu slapped his hand away and said, “I’m too tired and have shopped for the entire day today. I’ll surprise you tomorrow.”

It was currently the middle of the night, and she was really unsure of how he would torture her if she really changed into that dress.

For the sake of safety, she would only change into it during the day.

It would be best if she chose to do it right before he was about to head out. In that case, the probability of her being safe would be much higher.

After all, she was only planning to give his eyes a treat with this surprise—She wasn’t planning on getting herself involved…

After Nian Xiaomu set herself on this idea, she lay back on the bed with a straightened body as she pulled the blanket over and covered herself up.

Just when she was planning to have a beautiful sleep, she heard the man beside her turn over and get out of bed.

He strolled to the closet and opened the closet doors.

He dug out all the loot that she had purchased today and flipped through them one by one to find his gift.

“Nian Xiaomu, where is my surprise?” After Yu Yuehan rummaged through every bag and realized that all of them contained items for women and children, his handsome face turned dark in an instant.

She had headed out twice to go shopping and had bought things for herself and Xiao Liuliu.

He was the only one that she did not buy anything for!

Never mind that she had ignored him, but she even lied to him about having a surprise…

Yu Yuehan threw the bags in his hands on the floor. Walking back to the bed, he reached out and dragged out the person under the sheets.

“Nian Xiaomu, do you not love me anymore?”

“…” Nian Xiaomu struggled to stay awake as she looked at him through squinted eyes.

His nerves must have gone haywire.

Pouting her lips, she kissed his handsome face and said, “Love, love, love. I love you the most. Be obedient and rest early.”

This was the tone that she used to coax Xiao Liuliu.

She was coaxing him like how she would to a three year old.

Yu Yuehan was stunned.

He held her chin up immediately with his hand and asked, “Where’s my surprise since you love me?”


Nian Xiaomu leaned into his embrace and yawned gracefully.

Seeing that he was so persistent about the surprise, she casually pointed her finger in the direction of the closet and said, “I really have one for you. It’s that red dress. I’ll wear it tomorrow and show you.”