The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 586

Chapter 586 What Did You Just Call Me?

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Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Meeting Yu Yuehan’s deep gaze, Nian Xiaomu shuddered as her nerves turned cold.

She decided to make a run for it

but before she could even take a step, she was dragged backward.

Cowering against the wardrobe in fright, Nian Xiaomu hugged her chest with her hands as she stammered nervously, “Yu, Yu Yuehan, it’s already so late. I’m sleepy. If you have anything to say, let’s talk tomorrow!””

“Yes, it’s getting late. It’s time to sleep.” Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrow as he emphasized the last word.


How were they going to sleep?

Looking down at the dress that she was wearing, Nian Xiaomu felt a great sense of regret.

A single slip had caused everlasting sorrow.

How was she going to stop this hungry wolf?

These past few days, she had been flirting and teasing him because it was the time of the month.

Now that the man was looking at her with a dark gaze, Nian Xiaomu could subconsciously feel an aching pain in her waist…

Her eyes turned one round and suddenly, she threw herself into Yu Yuehan’s arms.

Circling her arms around his waist, Nian Xiaomu lifter her head

as she called out sweetly, “Hubby…”


Yu Yuehan’s body froze as he narrowed his eyes.

His calm expression had turned complicated. While he saw right through Nian Xiaomu for pulling a fast one on him, he could not help but feel stirred by what she had just called him.

In less than three seconds of staring at each other, Yu Yuehan reached out suddenly to pull Nian Xiaomu even more tightly into an embrace.

Then, cupping her chin with his long fingers, his gaze was deep and soulful as he said,

“What did you call me just now? Say it again?”

Nian Xiaomu rubbed her head against his chest, avoiding his eyes as she cooed, “I’m tired and want to sleep.”

Nian Xiaomu pouted indignantly as she acted pitifully.

Whenever Xiao Liuliu was like this, Yu Yuehan would relent and let her have whatever she wanted.

“Nian Xiaomu, you said you’ll give me a surprise. Are you going back on your word now?”

He did not miss the sly look on her face.

He did not forget his woman was as wily as a fox.

Even the sharp and experienced old businessmen in the industry have been tricked by her.

If she were to surrender so easily, she wouldn’t be Nian Xiaomu.

Pinching her face, Yu Yuehan repeated, “What did you call me just now? Say it again then I’ll consider letting you go to bed.”

Nian Xiaomu nestled in his chest as she lied through her teeth, “I’m too tired and cannot remember anything. I’ll say it when I wake up.”

“Indeed it’s very late. Why don’t you stand properly and let me have a good look at my surprise before you go to sleep?” Hugging her in his arms, Yu Yuehan answered in his low and sexy voice.

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes lit up at his words

and raised her head happily, sticking her baby finger out as she said, “Pinky swear that you’ll not try anything funny and let me sleep after you see the surprise!”

“But before that, you have to let me see the surprise first …”

Halfway through his words, Yu Yuehan looked down at how she had plastered herself onto him, and eyed her up and down.

Nian Xiaomu was very smart to know that no matter where she hid, he would be able to see.

By sticking onto him,

he would not be able to see anything.

However, she did not know that while his eyes could not see a thing, his body could feel her and was already set aflame.

Nian Xiaomu was playing with fire…

Grabbing both her shoulders, Yu Yuehan pushed her away.

Thinking that as long as he saw the surprise, she could safely go to sleep, Nian Xiaomu stepped right in front of him

to describe the special design of the dress.

“The highlight of the dress is the back. It’s bare-back…”