The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Even bleach couldn't whiten it

Nian Xiaomu was awoken by noises.

She rubbed her eyes lazily. Just as she wanted to stretch herself, she suddenly thought of something, and her body froze!

With a stiff face, she looked over at the other side carefully.

Shocked that she had actually slept so comfortably for an entire night, she sat up immediately. She was so embarrassed that she did not know where to look.

Soon, she realized that Yu Yuehan was not in the room.

Xiao Liuliu, who laid flat on the bolster and hugged the bolster to sleep, was the only one left in the bed.

The way her little butt was sticking out and the way she laid flat while sleeping was very cute, just like a groundhog.

"Yes, yes, place everything over there. Be efficient in what all of you are doing..." the voice of the butler rang again.

Nian Xiaomu came back to her senses, lifted the blanket, and got out of bed.

She walked to the window and looked down.

There was a row of trucks in the courtyard with workers carrying items in and out hurriedly.

Since the window of the master bedroom was open, sounds coming from the courtyard could be heard intermittently from the master bedroom.

Nian Xiaomu simply opened the curtains. She walked to the bed, lifted Xiao Liuliu up, and headed down.

She was originally worried that she would bump into Yu Yuehan downstairs.

When she asked the butler about him, she hadn't expected that he had already left for the office early in the morning.

"Is Pretty Sister missing Daddi when you don't see him, just like Xiao Liuliu?" Xiao Liuliu stayed nested in her arms and flashed a smile, just like a little fox.


Before she could speak, the little girl had already slipped down from her body and sprinted toward the butler.

"Butler Grandpa, can I give my Daddi a call?"

"..." the butler stared blankly.

"I want to tell Daddi that me and Pretty Sister are both missing him!"

Nian Xiaomu: "...!"

She felt that even bleach couldn't whiten the situation when she saw the shocked butler with his mouth agape!

"Butler, Little Miss is still very young, so don't take the words of a child to heart..." Nian Xiaomu finally returned to her original state of mind. Before Xiao Liuliu further blurted any shocking words, Nian Xiaomu rushed forward and lifted Xiao Liuliu up into her arms.

Nian Xiaomu tried very hard to shift the topic.

"Is there some major event? Why is it so lively outside?"

"This is not lively at all. The Yu Family villa will only be considered lively during the Matriarch's 70th birthday tomorrow." Before she had the chance to understand thoroughly, the butler immediately walked out to do his work after he finished speaking.


The next day.

The enormous Yu Family villa became so glorious and majestic, so splendid and magnificent.

A red carpet extended from the entrance right to the ballroom.

The fresh flowers that were put in order along the pathway had all been transported by airplane and arrived just this morning. Every flower was in full bloom with their fragrances floating in the air...

The Yu Family is the top family in City H; all of those invited to the party were socialites from all social circles.

Before the party officially started, luxurious vehicles had already piled up outside the villa. It was truly a bustling scene!

"Nian Xiaomu, why are you still standing here? The party is starting soon. Go and help Little Miss change into her clothes!" The butler's face darkened when he saw Nian Xiaomu, who was still sitting on the sofa with Xiao Liuliu in her arms.

"I already reminded you before that you also have to attend the party and take care of Little Miss since her arm injury has not fully recovered. Your outfit... Are you trying to piss me off on purpose?!"


Nian Xiaomu lowered her gaze and looked at her T-shirt and jeans. She did not feel that anything was wrong with her clothes.

It was natural that she dressed as comfortably as possible; it would make things easier for her since she had to babysit.

If she wore a gown, how could she still babysit Xiao Liuliu?

"Butler, I only have this set of T-shirt and jeans. Should I wear the business attire that I wore on the day of interview instead?"

"You..." The butler was so angry that he could not speak. Just when he wanted to say something, he saw someone, who was holding a gift box by the door, walk in.