The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Round After Round Its A Battle Of High Iqs

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“What about the CCTV? Did you manage to check the records?”

“I’ve already checked them. However, the bank had an accident a few years back—All the CCTV records were destroyed at that time, so we couldn’t retrieve anything. As such, we were unable to confirm if the person who deposited the report was Miss Nian herself.”

This meant that it was highly possible that someone had deposited the DNA report under Nian Xiaomu’s name.

Furthermore, it was such a coincidence that the bank had an accident right after the report was deposited.

It would be very hard to conclude whether this was an accident or whether this was caused by human machinations.

When Yu Yuehan heard this, he collected his gaze, and a dangerous ray of light flashed past his eyes…

He didn’t care what kind of person Nian Xiaomu was.

He only knew that she was the mother of his daughter.

She was the woman who would be by his side throughout his life.

Although he did not want to look into her past, he could not guarantee the safety of this mother and daughter pair if he did not investigate it properly.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes darkened as he opened his mouth indifferently and said, “Continue investigating. You must investigate thoroughly and find out who exactly is the one creating unnecessary trouble!”


Nodding his head, the assistant was just about to take his leave when he suddenly thought of another matter and paused in his steps.

“Young Master Han, I have received news that Fan Yu seems to be asking around for news about the Queen’s Ring.”

They were in City H, which was where the Yu Family’s influence was gathered at.

Fan Yu’s wanton actions of gathering information here could not be concealed from them.

Furthermore, Fan Yu seemed to be very impatient—He absolutely did not try to hide anything he was doing.

It totally was not his usual style to do things in such an ostentatious manner.

It would be very difficult not to attract the attention of others with these abnormal actions of his.

Many others were already mindful of the moves made by the Fan Corporation, and all of them were making conjectures in private about Fan Yu’s motive for getting information on the Queen’s Ring.

“Why is he searching for information about a ring?” Yu Yuehan was slightly taken aback.

The scene of Fan Yu fighting over the Queen’s Ring with him during the auction flashed past his mind.

He had already felt that it was weird back then.

Fan Yu seemed to care a great deal about the ring.

It wasn’t merely because of the value of the ring; it actually seemed like he harbored some sort of a special feeling toward the ring.

And now, Fan Yu wanted to ask around for information about the Queen’s Ring when he obviously knew that the ring was with Yu Yuehan.

What was he going to do?

Was he looking for something?

“I heard that Fan Yu wanted to know where the Queen’s Ring from the auction came from.” The assistant reported all of the information that he had received, including that Fan Yu had headed to the black market auction and looked for hooligans to ask for information.

He heard that one young hooligan was still in Fan Yu’s private villa and had not left yet.

Technically speaking, it was time for Fan Yu to realize his ambitions since the Fan Corporation had just entered City H.

However, it just so happened that he wasn’t very concerned about his business.

Instead, he was doing weird things.

Nobody knew what Fan Yu was up to…


Yu Yuehan fell into deep silence after he heard what the assistant said.

Perhaps it was because the outside world had seen Fan Yu as the only person who was qualified to compete with himself.

As Yu Yuehan propped his chin up with one hand, he tried to think from Fan Yu’s point of view.

If he were Fan Yu…

A moment later, his dark eyes enlarged.

“It is highly possible that Fan Yu is looking for someone and that this someone was the previous owner of the Queen’s Ring!”

“…” The assistant stared blankly.

Before he could regain his composure, Yu Yuehan had already stood up from his seat and said, “Check on it immediately! Check who the Queen’s Ring belonged to before it entered the charity auction venue of City H!”