The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 592

Chapter 592 I Remember It Now

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In the private villa.

Two days had passed.

The people whom Fan Yu hired had still not found Fang Zi.

The guest room opened again.

Fan Yu’s handsome figure strutted into the room slowly.

The spacious room was peaceful and comfortable.

Not only was the environment pleasing, there was also an abundance of food and drink and even someone who looked after the daily chores…

This did not feel like being locked up and monitored. It was more like enjoying life!

The young hooligan who had provided the information was now lying comfortably on a bench on the balcony with a bunch of grapes in his hand. Popping them happily into his mouth, he was also humming a tune.

In his mind, he imagined how perfect it would be if there were a hot chick to serve him at this moment…


In the middle of daydreaming, the fruit platter in front of the young hooligan was kicked over.

Jumping out of his seat in fright, he turned around in a fluster.

Seeing Fan Yu standing in front of him, he straightened his body hurriedly and spoke up first by asking, “Master, Master Fan Yu, what brings you here? Are you afraid that I would be angry? Don’t worry—I’m having a good time here. I wouldn’t mind it even if you were to keep me here a bit longer!”


“However, can we negotiate a bit? Your villa is wonderful, but it’s too empty and lonely. There are too few people in it, especially women. Master Fan, you’re also a man as well as quite handsome and suave. Surely you know what I’m trying to say…”

The young hooligan’s thievish-looking expression turned more vile.

Rubbing his hands in glee, he couldn’t wait for Fan Yu to arrange a few women for him to enjoy!

“You like it here?” When Fan Yu heard Fang Li’s words, the sides of his lips curled upward into a smile.

It was impossible to tell what he was thinking behind those dark brown eyes.

Fan Yu usually wore a warm and friendly expression on his face and appeared to be a well-mannered and mild gentleman.

There was nothing threatening about him.

Since Fan Yu asked, the young hooligan assumed that he was going to have a woman delivered to him. Filled with a cheap thrill in his heart, he nudged closer to Fan Yu and exclaimed, “I like it, I like it! I like it so much! If you need a sidekick, I’ll be the first to apply for the position!”


Fan Yu threw a glance at him and snickered coldly.

Turning around to sit across from him, Fan Yu picked up the fruit knife on the floor and started to play with it in his hands.

After a long while, he looked up at the young hooligan. Raising his eyebrow, Fan Yu asked, “Do you know where the previous guy who lied to me ended up?”

“…” The little hooligan froze in fear.

Before he could answer, the assistant next to Fan Yu coolly said, “The tombstone has already been covered with plants and trees. It’s the patch of land you saw when you passed by the courtyard.”


Feeling his legs turn soft like jelly, the young hooligan fell off the bench in fear.

Then, he jumped up again, stuttering incoherently as he tried to explain himself.

“Master, Master Fan, I don’t understand what you’re saying… Even if I had the courage of a lion, I would never dare to deceive you… Everything I told you is true!”

Before Fan Yu could answer, his assistant coldly interjected, “Is that so? We followed the tip that you gave us, but we couldn’t find Fang Zi. If you are not hiding something from us, then everything you said earlier must be untrue!”

“I didn’t lie!” denied the young hooligan without hesitation as he hastily wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead.

Seeing Fan Yu toying with the fruit knife in his hand, the young hooligan suspected that the knife might end up in his own neck.

Shuddering in fright, he quickly added, “It was truly Fang Zi who told me about the Queen’s Ring. He also told me that he had matters to attend to in his hometown… That’s right! I remember it now!”