The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 593

Chapter 593 An Absolute Beauty

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All of a sudden, the young hooligan rust to Fan Yu and exclaimed, “I remember everything! Fang Zi said that he was in debt and might need to head to his relative’s place in another part of the country to lie low until the fuss died down—It is highly possible that he did not go back to his hometown, but headed to his relative’s place instead!”

“Where is his relative at? What is the address?”

“This… Fang Zi has forbidden me from saying it…” The young hooligan bit his tongue.

Slam! Fan Yu lifted his hand up and stabbed the fruit knife in his hand toward the table.

Even though he did not utter a single word, this action of his was far more intimidating than any of his words.

The young hooligan trembled all over and blurted out, “It’s at a nearby city, in City S. The address is No. 593 Prince Alley, East Street…”

By the time the assistant heard the address, he had already whipped out his phone at lightning speed and made a call without waiting for Fan Yu’s instructions.

He sent people to look for Fang Zi at the address that the young hooligan had provided.

He received news in less than half an hour.

“Young Master Fan, we have found Fang Zi. Indeed, he is hiding at his relative’s place, and our men just happened to bump into the debt collectors when they went to look for him. Fang Zi said that he knows everything about the Queen’s Ring and that he won’t reveal anything about it unless we help to clear his debts.”

“…” Fan Yu’s eyes flickered.

His gentle-looking face was expressionless. Opening his thin lips, he said, “Pay his debts. I want to meet him immediately.”


“Besides that, remember to tell him that I will cut his tongue out if I do not get any useful information out of his mouth!”

The assistant conveyed along his exact words the moment Fan Yu finished speaking.

Fang Zi was hiding in a nearby city.

It was very close to City S, so he could be brought back in less than an hour’s time.

When Fan Yu heard that Fang Zi had been found, he stood up from his chair and strolled out of the guest room.

He walked up the stairs to the study and pushed the door open.

An intense scent of books flooded the empty and chilly room, and it matched his nobleman aura perfectly.

As he walked forward, he took out a bottle of red wine from the liquor cabinet and poured himself a glass of alcohol.

He picked up the wine glass and walked to the study desk. Then, he pulled the chair out and sat down.

He swirled the red wine in his hand gently, but did not drink it.

He only shifted it under his nose and took in whiffs of the strong fragrance of the wine; it seemed that this was the only way to calm his restless emotions.

The next second, he shifted his gaze toward the study desk and stared fixedly at the photo frame that was sitting on the study desk.

The ancient looking photo frame seemed like a square peg in a round hole as it sat on the spotlessly clean and luxurious study desk.

However, Fan Yu’s gaze toward the photo frame looked exceptionally gentle.

Reaching his long and slender fingers out, he held the photo frame in his hands and stroked the photograph in the photo frame gently with his long fingers.

It was a photograph of a young girl who was around 12 to 13 years of age.

Her long, black hair hung down loosely on her shoulders.

She was an absolute beauty with those delicate facial features of hers!

Her pair of animated eyes had a charming gaze to them.

Dressed in a pastel yellow princess outfit, she was sitting on a swing in a courtyard. Suddenly, she realized that someone had secretly taken a photo of her. When she turned around and saw that it was someone whom she was familiar with, she flashed a sweet smile at that moment…

This moment was freeze-framed by the camera.

The image seemed to have stayed frozen in Fan Yu’s mind as well.

After a long while, knocks sounded from door of the study.

As the assistant pushed the door open and came in, he said, “Young Master Fan, I have brought Fang Zi here.”

After he finished speaking, a man with a prudent look entered the room slowly.

He was stunned when he saw Fan Yu, who was sitting at the study desk.

Soon after, the gaze in Fang Zi’s eyes turned greedy when he saw the decor in the study.

He rushed forward and took the initiative to speak.

“I was the one who sold the Queen’s Ring to the black market auction. I can tell you anything that you want to know as long as you give me money!”