The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 594

Chapter 594 I'll Say It I'll Say Everything

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The President of the Fan Corporation, Fan Yu, had the gall to openly compete with the Yu Corporation when they had first entered City H not long ago.

And now, his fame was second only to Young Master Han.

Fang Zi did not dare to underestimate Fan Yu even though it was his first time meeting him.

Since Fan Yu was so generous just now and had helped him to pay off his loan shark debt of 100 thousand yuan in one shot, it proved that he was really keen on getting information that pertained to the Queen’s Ring.

How could Fang Zi let this great chance slip by?!

From the way he looked at Fan Yu now, it seemed like he was looking at a pig in a poke or a lamb that was about to be slaughtered!

He stared fixedly at him with his eyes and waited for him to speak.

“Your name is Fang Zi?” Fan Yu lifted his gentle-looking eyes up after hearing what he had said. However, there were not many changes in his expression.

By the time Fang Zi heard what Fan Yu said, the assistant who brought him in had already kicked him to the ground before he had the time to give his reply.

“Speak to Young Master Fan properly. Otherwise, we can throw you back to that group of loan sharks the same way we fished you out!”

Fang Zi’s expression changed instantly the moment the assistant finished his words.

He straightened his back in front of Fan Yu as his attitude became respectful.

“Young Master Fan, yes, I am Fang Zi.”

Fang Zi was well-known for being crafty; he swindled money everywhere, and his words were usually only 30 percent true.

He had been imprisoned a few times, but he still did not do decent work after he was released.

He was chased high and low by his debt collectors because he was addicted to gambling. If not for his luck that he just happened to bump into Fan Yu’s men, he would have already been torn apart by the loan sharks.

He would definitely feel intimidated when he heard that he might be thrown back to the loan sharks again.

He couldn’t wait to tell Fan Yu everything that he knew.

“Were you the one who sold the Queen’s Ring to the black market?” Fan Yu studied him carefully and asked.

“Yes, I am the one. At that time, I thought that it was merely an ordinary ring since it looked pretty old. It was just that the gemstone in it seemed to be of some value. As such, I casually sold it away for a few pennies, but it had never crossed my mind that it was actually a treasure! If I had known earlier that the ring was worth 100 million yuan, I would have been rich by now—I wouldn’t be in such a pitiful state of being chased by the debt collectors…”

A bitter and hateful expression appeared on Fang Zi’s face the moment he thought of the Queen’s Ring.

He wished that he could give himself two tight slaps.

It did not seem like he was pretending to put on a regretful expression.

When Fan Yu heard this, a different expression finally appeared on his peaceful-looking face.

As he supported himself by placing both of his hands on the study desk, he squinted his dark brown eyes suddenly and asked, “Where did you get that ring?”

Fang Zi was stunned when he heard this question.

As if a thought had occurred to him, his gaze suddenly turned evasive as he started to stutter, “… Umm, my parents left it for me. It’s a ring that was handed down in my family!”


With a wave of his arms, all the documents on his desk were swept to the ground. As he stood up with a whoosh, he grabbed ahold of the collar of Fang Zi’s shirt and pulled him toward himself.

His gentle-looking face turned grave and stern.

His good-natured gaze exuded a terrifying ray of light at this point in time. With a pause after every word, he said, “I absolutely hate it when people lie to me. I am only giving you one chance. If you insist on walking the road to death, I will ensure that you regret your existence on Earth!”

“I’ll say it! I’ll tell you everything!” Fang Zi was intimidated by his dangerous gaze. When he saw that the assistant was walking toward him, he corrected himself without a second word.

“I picked that ring up, I picked it up from the streets!”

“Picked it up?” Fan Yu frowned.

“Yes! I had a little too much alcohol that day and picked it up on the streets when I was on my way home. I really picked it up, but I didn’t say so earlier because I was afraid that you would not believe me…”