The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 595

Chapter 595 It Was Actually A Treasure

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“…” Fan Yu’s expression deepened, and his gaze grew dangerous.

Liuliu’s ring was never away from her.

How could it be picked up by others?

Fan Yu’s silence made Fang Zi panic instantly. Thinking that Fan Yu did not believe his words, Fang Zi hurriedly said, “Everything that I have said is true. I really picked that ring up from the streets…”

Fang Zi hesitated for a few seconds and gritted his teeth.

“Alright, I’ll say it truthfully. A woman seemed to be lying beside the ring when I picked it up at the time. However, she didn’t react even after I shouted at her a few times, and she looked like she was dead. I was only looking for money and did not want to have anything to do with someone else’s life. Obviously, I ran away immediately at that point in time. I ran away right after I picked up the ring. When I got home and sobered up, I saw that there was blood on the ring. I was worried that someone would come looking for me if that woman died, so I washed the ring clean immediately and sold it off at a cheap price. Who knew that the ring which looked so old and worn out was actually a treasure!”

Fang Zi felt his heart aching when he thought of this.

It was 100 million yuan!

He had missed 100 million yuan by an arm’s length.

He wanted to beat his chest and stamp his foot whenever he thought about it!

Before he could say anything else, Fan Yu grabbed the collar of his shirt tightly in an agitated manner and asked, “What did you say? A woman was lying beside the ring when you picked it up? What did she look like? Where is she?”

From the vicious aura that sprang up from his entire body, he seemed like a devil that emerged from hell.

He did not need to utter any malicious words; with just a single expression from him, a person seemed to turn into the target of the god of death.

Fang Zi was intimidated by his reaction. Swallowing his saliva forcefully, he said, “I, I don’t know… It was too dark that day, and I was too intoxicated. I couldn’t see anything clearly…”

Fan Yu lost his cool and bellowed in a deep voice, “What about the location where you picked the ring up?!”

He was disappointed time and time again after searching for so many years.

There was never once when he felt that he was so close to Liuliu.

Especially when he heard that she might be injured…

He just wanted to appear by her side at this point in time!

“I, I don’t remember. I picked the ring up three years ago. If I did not happen to learn that the ring was auctioned for 100 million yuan, I would not have remembered this incident…” Fang Zi replied truthfully.

He had never seen anyone like Fan Yu.

Even though he looked like a modest gentleman, he seemed like a murderer from the chilliness in his gaze.

Just a single gaze from him would be sufficient to chill someone right down to the bone.

Fang Zi did not dare to lie because he wanted to save his own life.

Fan Yu was stunned when he heard what Fang Zi said and muttered, “Three years ago…”

His Liuliu was injured and even lost her ring three years ago.

She was definitely seriously injured to have allowed someone to take away her favorite ring.

Three years ago…

Some sort of a message seemed to have flashed past Fan Yu’s mind.

He was stunned.

“I met with an accident a few years back and nearly died. I couldn’t remember a lot of things after I woke up. For those questions that you have asked earlier on, I have really forgotten the answers to them…”

“I don’t remember anything else, I only know that Tan Bengbeng found me near the hospital…”

Nian Xiaomu’s words rang beside his ears yet again.

If she had indeed gotten into an accident three years ago, then she just might be the person that Fang Zi had seen at the time!

Fan Yu’s eyes narrowed immediately, and he lifted his head up with a whoosh.

“Recall it carefully. Where did you pick that ring up? Was it near a hospital?!”

“… How did you know that there was a hospital near that area?” Fang Zi asked in surprise when he heard what Fan Yu had said.