The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 596

Chapter 596 The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

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Fang Zi seemed to have his memory jogged by what Fan Yu said and thought of something.

“Indeed, there’s a hospital near the place where I stay. Furthermore, it wasn’t very far away from my place, and I would pass by the hospital every day when returning home. On the day when I picked the ring up, I wanted to pass by that same road to go home, just like the usual times…”

Fang Zi recounted the situation that day carefully.

“However, it’s been a very long time already, and I really can’t remember the exact location… Young Master Fan, I have already told you what I know. All of this is the truth—I really did not lie to you!”

“…” Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes narrowed slightly.

He muttered to himself irresolutely before turning toward his assistant.

“Arrange a hypnotist to do a recollection test for him. See if that can help him remember the location where he picked the ring up.”

“Yes.” The assistant bowed respectfully and left.

Fang Zi’s expression changed slightly when he heard that he would be undergoing hypnotherapy.

Just when he wanted to say something, Fan Yu took out his checkbook. After writing on a check, he placed it on the desk and pushed it toward Fang Zi.

Fan Yu opened his mouth slightly and said, “As long as you can remember the place where you picked the ring up, this 100 thousand yuan will be your reward.”

“…” Fang Zi nearly turned crossed eyed from staring at the check in front of him!

As he picked up the check with both his hands, his eyes had already formed into a single line from all the smiling, and he nodded his head in a haste.

“Young Master Fan, don’t you worry. I will surely do my utmost best to cooperate with the hypnotist and will definitely recall the place where I picked up the ring no matter what!”

They got into contact with the hypnotist shortly after.

The delegation set off to the hospital in no time.

Three years was a long period of time.

There might be major changes if it were another location, but it just so happened that Fang Zi stayed near the hospital in the past.

There were only a few minor changes to the streets, and they were mostly in their original form.

“Here. This is the place where I used to stay.” With Fang Zi in the lead, he followed the hypnotist’s induction and walked to a rundown residential building.

As the years rolled on gradually, this place was already in such a rundown state that it was now surrounded by red tape and had a demolish sign labeled on it.

It was about to be torn down very soon.

The assistant walked to Fan Yu and reported his findings respectfully.

“Young Master Fan, I’ve already asked the people from this area—Fang Zi indeed lived here previously. Even though he was an idle person and wasn’t considered a good man, he was pretty nice to the elderly folks. As there are no elevators here, he frequently helped move the possessions of the elderly that lived in this old building. As a result, many of the elderly here remember him.”

He paused in his words and continued reporting, “We have checked as well. This place is only about a 10 minute walk from the hospital where Tan Bengbeng worked at!”

The time and location were a match.

He paired this with Fang Zi’s statements. At the time that he picked up the ring, there was an unconscious woman lying beside it, and there was blood on the ring too…

Tan Bengbeng had also told him that Nian Xiaomu had a body full of injuries when she first found her…

If the person whom Fang Zi had seen was Nian Xiaomu and he had taken the ring away before Tan Bengbeng arrived, this could explain why Tan Bengbeng had never seen that ring before!

And now, the puzzle that surrounded all his suspicions would be complete as long as Fang Zi could recall the place where he first picked up the ring!

Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes narrowed slightly.

Looking up slowly, he stared at Fang Zi, who was trying his best to recall the scene on that fateful day with the guidance of the hypnotist.

Fang Zi’s expression seemed a little wooden; he was frowning and seemed to have met with some sort of a problem.

All of a sudden, his eyes lit up, and he walked in a particular direction with huge steps.

He was muttering to himself, “This is the place… this is the place…”