The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 597

Chapter 597 The Original Owner Of The Queens Ring

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As he walked on, he suddenly started running.

Fan Yu narrowed his eyes and chased after Fang Zi, who was charging through the streets like a lunatic, until he stopped at the hospital across from the road.

He went around the main entrance of the hospital and ran straight into a quiet alley. Stopping at the exit of the alley, he pointed at a road intersection agitatedly.

“It’s right here! I remember it now! I had too much to drink and leaned against this wall to throw up. When I turned my head, I was shocked to see a gem sparkling in the darkness. I thought it was an illusion from being too drunk, but when I reached out to pick it up, I realized that it was a ring!”

“When I picked up the ring, I saw a woman lying in front of me. It was too dark, so I couldn’t see her face clearly. I could only see that she was lying motionlessly in a big pool of blood. I called out to her a few times, but there was no reaction from her. All I wanted was the ring—I didn’t want to get involved in any trouble around a murder, so I ran off right away…”

“Oh yes, I also remember that when I dashed out of the alley, I bumped into a person. It was a woman! She was coming from the opposite direction, so I’m sure she would have discovered the corpse after I left…”

As Fang Zi recalled the scene, he started to feel uneasy and blabbered on.

Details of what had happened in the past began flooding his mind.

The hypnotist who followed Fang Zi stepped forward to check his condition and turned toward Fan Yu to confirm that he was in a stable state of mind and had indeed recalled the past.

The assistant also went forward to match Fang Zi’s words with the surroundings.

“Master Fan, too much time has passed, and any remnants of the vomit or the blood must have been cleaned up. It will be difficult to investigate, but from the traces on the walls and the ground, what Fang Zi said might be the truth!”

The most crucial part was the last person he had mentioned.

If he wasn’t wrong, the person whom Fang Zi had bumped into and who had stepped into the alley right after Fang Zi left must have been Tan Bengbeng!

At this moment, all the evidence pointed in the same direction.

The person they were looking for was Nian Xiaomu!


Fan Yu took in the scene in front of him as a streak of hot light flickered in his gentle eyes.

It was comparable to the glow of the sun and moon.

Almost 10 years had passed.

So much time had gone by that he had almost forgotten what she looked like.

He had thought that he would never be able to find her in this lifetime.

This unexpected surprise came so suddenly.

Fan Yu broke into a smile, but it was a kind of soulful smile that was different from his usual aloof smile.

His gorgeous figure turned and walked out of the alley. Stepping straight into his car, he drove in the direction of the Yu Corporation.

“Master Fan…”

Before the assistant could react, the person who had been standing in front of him a moment ago had vanished with the wind!

The Yu Corporation.

In the president’s office.

Yu Yuehan was seated at his work desk signing documents.

When he heard a knock on the door, he looked up.

“Master Han, I have updates regarding the matter that you asked me to follow up on.” The assistant walked in with the investigation report and stopped at the work desk.

“The Queen’s Ring that you purchased at the auction had changed hands among a few buyers on the black market. When we looked into its records, we found out that the last person to buy the ring through legitimate means was a girl.


Putting the pen in his hand down, Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes as he asked, “Who was this person?”