The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 598

Chapter 598 The Adult Love Of His Life Vs. The Child Love Of His Life

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“This could not be determined. It was said that the young girl was only 13 years old when she bought the Queen’s Ring.” The assistant placed the documents in his hands in front of Yu Yuehan and continued to report, “It has already been 10 years since the Queen’s Ring was publicly auctioned. We could not verify if the ring has had a change in ownership during these 10 years.”

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered.

A young girl 13 years old?

She should be 23 years old this year.

Could she be the person whom Fan Yu was looking for?

Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrow and reached out to flip open the documents in front of him. As he took a glance at the information before him, he frowned.

“Are there only records from the auction house?”

“Yes, the Queen’s Ring wasn’t auctioned at a very high price at that time. Furthermore, the one who bought the Queen’s Ring that year was merely a young girl. Hence, it didn’t attract the attention of many people. Apart from the records from the auction house, I couldn’t manage to find out any more information. Young Master Han, should we continue to investigate?” the assistant asked respectfully.

Yu Yuehan muttered to himself for a few seconds. Then, he closed the files in front of him and said, “No need. This is Fan Yu’s private matter. We don’t have to interfere with his business as long as it doesn’t affect the Yu Corporation.”

“Yes.” Picking the documents up, the assistant turned around and got ready to leave.

Just when he took his first step away, Yu Yuehan suddenly opened his mouth and asked, “Is today Valentine’s Day?”

“Hmm?” The assistant paused in his steps and turned around with a dazed look.

He was a single man. Why would he care if it was Valentine’s Day?

After receiving a glare from Yu Yuehan, he whipped out his cell phone in a haste at the very next second and checked the calendar. Then, he replied respectfully, “Yes, Young Master Han. Today is Valentine’s Day!”

The assistant went through some thinking and asked sweetly, “Do you need me to order roses for you?”

“I’ve sent them before. Can’t you think of something new?” Yu Yuehan knitted his eyebrows and cast an annoyed glance at his assistant.

Assistant: “…!!”

Young Master, I am a bachelor, and it’s already so pitiful that I don’t have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. Wouldn’t it be a little overboard if you still want me to look at people getting all lovey-dovey?


The assistant spoke again after remaining silent for a few seconds and asked, “What about chocolate?”

“She doesn’t like it. She said that it was lame.” As Yu Yuehan closed the documents in front of him, he revealed an expression that made it seem like this was a task tougher than handling international business proposals.

Clasping his hands, he propped his chin up and started to ponder over the matter carefully.

It was already afternoon now.

If he still could not think of any activities that he could use to surprise her in two hours during dinnertime, he might just turn into a bachelor on the merry night of Valentine’s Day.

Compared to others, the worst thing was that he had to serve two loves of his life when other people only had to serve one lover on Valentine’s Day.

He had to serve the adult love of his life because he wanted to spend the beautiful night with her.

He had to serve the child love of his life because he needed her cooperation to be able to peacefully spend the beautiful night with the adult love of his life.

At the thought of this, he realized that he had a difficult task today!

Reaching out, Yu Yuehan took out his cell phone and started to search for tips on the internet.

Question: [How should I spend my first Valentine’s Day after getting into a relationship?]

Internet user A: [Roses, chocolate, and what not are already out of fashion. If you don’t have a branded bag or various shades of lipstick, would you dare to ask your girl out for a Valentine’s date?]

Internet user B: [The gurl in the above comment seems to be too materialistic with her comment. Actually, gurls look at your effort as well. If you are really broke, you can simply make your own paper flowers and turn it into a bouquet. Don’t get me wrong, I am referring to paper flowers that are made out of bills. As for the color… roses are red. What do you all think it should be then?]

Internet user C: [The above comment is dopeeeeeeeeee.]

Internet user D: [Don’t speak of all of this in such a realistic manner. Actually, as long as the two lovers are together, they could still shop around with blushing faces and wildly beating hearts even if they were merely holding hands.]