The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Young Master is back!

"This is..." Recognizing that the person who had just arrived was someone who worked for Matriarch Yu, the butler hurriedly stepped forward to greet him.

"Matriarch Yu sent me to deliver this. Is Nian Xiaomu here?"

"That's me." When Nian Xiaomu heard her name, she weakly raised her hand and felt bewildered over why Matriarch Yu had sent someone to deliver something to her.

Even Xiao Liuliu felt curious and slipped out of Nian Xiaomu's arms to dash forward and stare at the gift box.

"This is a customized evening gown that Matriarch Yu prepared for Miss Nian. She also said that because you have to look after Little Miss, you might not have had time to prepare an outfit. Therefore, she provided a dress for you and instructed me to deliver it. The designer of the gown is here too, so we can alter the dress on the spot if the measurements are not correct."

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

She did not even have time to comment before being whisked into the changing room with Xiao Liuliu.

After putting on the gown, she was placed in front of the vanity table before she could even take a look at herself.

"We'll need to fix the hair a bit. Does Miss Nian prefer an elegant hairstyle or a cute one?" asked the hairstylist in all seriousness as she tousled Nian Xiaomu's hair.

However, without waiting for a reply, the hairstylist had already started working her hands.

This was ... obviously a disregard for her opinion, right?

After half an hour, Nian Xiaomu was finally let out of the dressing room.

She tugged at her dress awkwardly, and her face was filled with a look of discomfort and objection. She asked the person sent by Matriarch Yu, "I'm only a nurse. Do I really have to dress up like this?"

"Of course! It is Matriarch's birthday banquet, and the guests are famous and respected people from high society. You'll be by Little Miss' side, so you naturally cannot embarrass her."

"Butler..." Nian Xiaomu turned to plead with the butler for help, but he completely ignored her and shook the hairstylist's hands.

"Thank you, thank you! You helped me resolve a very big headache!"

Nian Xiaomu: "...!!"

While Nian Xiaomu was still coming to terms with her gown, she saw Xiao Liuliu lifting the sides of her little dress as she ran out of the changing room.

It was a pink princess gown that made her fair skin look even more translucent and smooth.

Her features were already beautiful, but when her long, fine hair was tied into a bun, her little face looked even tinier.

Her eyes looked like a pair of blinking black berries, even more exquisite and adorable than a doll!

Matriarch Yu's staff took a look at them and said in satisfaction, "Now that you're dressed, Miss Nian, please take Little Miss with you and follow me to the banquet hall."


Outside the banquet hall.

"Director Chen, long time no see! It's so good of you to make time to come..."

"Director Chen, do you still remember me? We met once before. I'm Second Lady Yu..."

Cheng Xiulu was dressed to the nines and completely ready for the banquet. She stood at the entrance of the banquet hall furiously introducing herself to everyone and making sure everyone knew her distinguished status.

When she turned, she was shocked to see Nian Xiaomu holding Xiao Liuliu's hand and approaching her direction.

Her eyes then became piercing!

"Nian Xiaomu, are you at the wrong place? This is not a place for a nurse like you." Cheng Xiulu walked up to her and launched into a tirade.

Before Nian Xiaomu could say a word, Matriarch Yu's staff stepped forward.

"Madam, Little Miss needs someone to look after her. It was Matriarch who instructed Nurse Nian to attend the banquet..."

"Don't use Matriarch Yu's name to intimidate me. The banquet today isn't only a birthday celebration, it also concerns the small courtyard. If anything were to go wrong, would you be able to take responsibility for it?" Cheng Xiulu crossed her arms as she snickered arrogantly.

"She's just a lowly nurse! If I say that she does not have the right to attend the banquet, then she does not..."

Before Cheng Xiulu could finish what she wanted to say, a loud commotion suddenly broke out at the entrance.

"Young Master is back"