The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Who Exactly Was She

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As Nian Xiaomu spoke, the figure that was facing away from her turned around slowly.

When she saw the person in front of her clearly and realized that he was indeed Fan Yu, her gaze flickered as she asked curiously, “Why are you here?”

They were at a kindergarten, but he did not have any children.

“I am here to look for you.” As Fan Yu looked at Nian Xiaomu, he opened his mouth and spoke with a pause after every word.

With his seemingly peaceful looking expression, it looked like he had known long ago that she was the person whom he was searching for and that she was really his Liuliu…

Turbulent waves were already stirring in his heart!

Looking at the familiar face before him, he should have recognized her the first time that they met.

Why did he hesitate at that time?

The both of them had wasted so much time as a result.

If he had managed to recognize her right from the start, would it be possible that Yu Yuehan and her would not be an item now?

If he had found her earlier, she would not have been left alone for such a long period of time…

She was injured back then.

Were her injuries serious? Had she fully recovered?

Countless question marks emerged in Fan Yu’s heart instantly; each and every one of them was torturing him to the extent that he was about to go insane.

When he learned that she had brought Yu Yuehan’s daughter to kindergarten, he rushed right over like a madman.

He thought that he had gotten the wrong information when he saw the empty kindergarten. However, he heard her voice just when he was about to leave…

Perhaps even the heavens above could not bear to let the both of them miss each other again.

As such, they sent her back to him once again!

“Looking for me? What’s up?” Nian Xiaomu was taken aback by what he said as she looked at him with a confused gaze.

The way Fan Yu gazed at her was very weird.

She felt unknowingly nervous from this gaze that seemed to stare right through her soul.

Just when she was about to ask him about it, Fan Yu had already taken a step forward and grabbed ahold of her shoulders. “Nian Xiaomu, I have something important to tell you!”


“Listen to me, you can’t get engaged with Yu Yuehan. You are actually…” The moment Fan Yu spoke, Xiao Liuliu, who had been leaning against Nian Xiaomu’s shoulders, acted like she had just heard something that she shouldn’t have heard.

She swung her tiny head around suddenly and turned around to look at him.

The moment her delicate little face appeared in front of him, Fan Yu lost his voice immediately, and his mouth remained slightly agape.

As he stared at the soft and cuddly figure in her embrace with a shocked expression, he asked in disbelief, “Is she Yu Yuehan’s daughter?”

That pair of eyes, as well as her gaze toward him, was almost the exact same as that of the young Liuliu…

Especially at this moment, as she laid against Nian Xiaomu’s chest with a look of reliance—Anyone who saw the two of them would assume that they were mother and daughter!

As if she wanted to verify Fan Yu’s assumptions, Xiao Liuliu had already pouted her lips and spoke before Nian Xiaomu could say anything.

“Mommy, you cannot talk to Pretty Uncle. Daddi will get angry!”

“Mommy…” Fan Yu’s face changed instantly as he repeated her way of addressing Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu did not know how to explain the complexity of the situation either. When she heard what Xiao Liuliu said, she replied in a slightly embarrassed manner, “Umm, Xiao Liuliu is still young. A child’s words carry no harm, so please don’t take them to heart.”

As Nian Xiaomu said this, she got ready to ask him what he had meant by his earlier sentence.

However, she noticed that Fan Yu was absolutely at a loss for words the moment he heard Xiao Liuliu’s name!

After a long time, he continued to stare at both mother and daughter, unable to utter a single word…


Xiao Liuliu.

Never would he have thought that she would be the mother of Yu Yuehan’s daughter.

The two of them actually had a child of their own already…

Nian Xiaomu saw his peculiar expression and was about to take her leave first when she heard Fan Yu’s deep voice suddenly speak out from behind.

“Don’t you want to know your real identity?”