The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Your Biological Daughter Indeed

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“…” Nian Xiaomu paused in her steps and looked up at him in surprise.

She did not understand what he meant by that.

When she thought of the sentence that he had said previously, she frowned slightly.

Did her identity have any relationship with her engagement to Yu Yuehan?

Nian Xiaomu had forgotten many things from her past after she regained consciousness in the hospital.

There were only a few extremely blurry images in her brain.

She had tried to imagine what she was like before she lost her memory.

Who was she?

Where was her family?

Why exactly was she constantly seeing that scene of a raging fire in her mind?

Since she escaped out of it alive, did her family make it out alive as well?

Why was it that no one came to look for her…

Right from the time when she first regained her consciousness, all these questions swarmed her mind repeatedly every day.

She would have a splitting headache whenever she wanted to search for answers.

She could not recall anything…

In the past, Tan Bengbeng was a doctor in the psychiatry department; if not for Tan Bengbeng, who had stayed by her side the whole time and taught her to control her obsession, she might not have been able to truly let go of her pain and start a new life.

Three years had passed since she got injured and lost her memory.

Three years was a long period of time.

The thought of her family, if she even had one, searching for her had occurred to her numerous times.

Since she had forgotten everything, she would land herself in more pain if she continued to look into her past…

Now, however…

Nian Xiaomu’s animated eyes lit up slightly. As she looked at Fan Yu, she spoke with a pause after every word.

“You knew… the me from the past?”

Her heart skipped a beat when she met his deep and dark gaze.

That gaze looked extremely familiar.

It was as if he had looked at her the very same way from the very first time that he saw her.

This gaze seemed to stare through her soul…

She actually had not taken it to heart all this time.

It had also never crossed her mind that Fan Yu would know her.

Nian Xiaomu’s lips quivered. Just when she wanted to say something, she saw a black luxury car parked at the roadside at the very next second.

The car door opened.

Yu Yuehan’s upright and imposing body stepped out of the car.

His face darkened immediately when he saw Fan Yu, who was standing beside Nian Xiaomu.

“Daddi!” The moment Xiao Liuliu saw him, she immediately slipped out of Nian Xiaomu’s embrace and ran toward him.

Reaching out, she hugged onto his thigh as she lifted her tiny head up and complained, “Mommy is talking to Pretty Uncle. He’s an uncle that looks as pretty as Daddi!”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

She could not be her biological daughter!

She was an enemy spy!

When Yu Yuehan heard what Xiao Liuliu said, he bent down and scooped her up into his arms. After he planted a loving kiss on her tiny face, he strolled toward Nian Xiaomu.

Reaching out, he pulled her into his embrace.

He lifted his dark gaze and shot a look at Fan Yu.

“It’s Valentine’s Day today. Does Young Master Fan have anything for us? If there aren’t any important matters, I will bring my fiancée and our daughter back to celebrate the holiday.”

He put great emphasis on Nian Xiaomu being his fiancée.

As well as their daughter…

They were a perfect family of three.

As for Fan Yu, he would be an insensitive light bulb if he continued to stay here.

Fan Yu: “…!!”

Before he could speak, Yu Yuehan had already held Nian Xiaomu by the waist as they walked toward the car that was parked by the roadside.

The family of three got into the car and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The assistant walked to Fan Yu and called to him gently, “Young Master Fan…”

With the character that Fan Yu had, the assistant had originally thought that he would stop them and tell Nian Xiaomu the truth.

He had never thought that Fan Yu would simply watch as she left.