The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Never Forgetting What The Initial Mesmerized Feeling Was Like Through The Years

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“Did you see that just now?” After a long while, Fan Yu spoke, though his eyes remain fixated in the direction where Nian Xiaomu’s car had driven off.

“…” Not knowing what Fan Yu was talking about, the assistant did not know how to respond.

Fan Yu narrowed his eyes as he continued, “The way she looked at Yu Yuehan when he appeared.”


“She had always been polite yet distant from a young age. People who did not know her well would think that she was exquisite like a doll, but not life-like enough. What others did not know was that her pair of eyes would sparkle whenever she saw something that she liked.”


“Once, I had given everything I could to have her look at me that way, with that sparkle in her eyes. However, Yu Yuehan achieved it effortlessly today.”

As Fan Yu spoke, a sense of disappointment was written all over his gentle face.

He had not expected to find her after the countless letdowns he had experienced while searching for her for so many years.

Nor had he expected that when he found Liuliu, she would not be his Liuliu anymore.

There was Yu Yuehan by her side now.

They even had an adorable daughter…

That child had a pair of animated eyes and looked exactly like Nian Xiaomu when she was young…

The 10 years that he had lost was not only time. He had also completely lost her.

“Master Fan, are you alright?” the assistant asked worriedly. He could not understand what Fan Yu was talking about, but could see that Fan Yu appeared rather dejected.

Without waiting for his answer, the assistant hurriedly went to get the car.

Fan Yu did not stay at the kindergarten for long.

After returning to his private villa, he headed straight to the study.

The lights were not turned on in the spacious study.

It was evening time, and the room was a little dark.

Orange rays of light splashed against the window and brought some warmth to the room.

Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes lit up slightly.

He walked over to his work desk and opened the drawer next to it.

Taking out an old box from the drawer, he blew off a layer of dust on the cover.

“Master Fan, you’ve never allowed us to touch this box. Why did you take it out today…” the assistant asked in bewilderment.

Everyone in the private villa knew that Fan Yu’s study was out of bounds.

Most of the people assumed that he kept private and confidential documents related to the Fan Corporation.

However, those who were closer to him knew that what he really cared about was the box that he kept in the study.

No one knew what was stored in the box, but they knew that Fan Yu cherished it dearly. Besides himself, no one else could touch it.

Even the servants who cleaned the room were not allowed to go near the box…

As soon as the assistant finished speaking, Fan Yu opened up the box.

When the assistant saw what was inside, he was tremendously shocked!

He could not believe that Fan Yu’s treasure chest was filled with random and cheap things…

Fan Yu picked up the doll that was lying at the top of the pile.

“This was her favorite doll. When I first met her, she ran toward me with this doll in her hand. Then, she stood on her tiptoes and said that she wanted to give it to me.”

While the design was somewhat dated, it was an exquisite doll. Memories of the past flooded his mind as Fan Yu’s thoughts went back to the first time he had met Liuliu.

It was a late afternoon.

Just like today, the sun was shining down lazily from the sky.

Fan Yu tightened his grip on the doll.

Although he was older than her, at the moment he saw her dressed in a princess gown, he was mesmerized.