The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 606

Chapter 606 The Weird Fan Yu

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“Nian Xiaomu, stay further away from Fan Yu.” When Yu Yuehan saw that she was in a daze, he drew her into his embrace and planted a kiss on her delicate earlobe.

A peculiar ray of light flashed past his dark gaze. Immediately after, he opened his thin lips and said, “I can tell that he likes you.”

Fan Yu did a great job in restraining himself.

Even though he wasn’t sure what was Fan Yu hiding, he knew that Fan Yu’s interest toward Nian Xiaomu had not stopped ever since he saw her for the very first time.

Although he knew about it constantly, he simply did not take it to heart.

His woman did not need to hide her rays because of him.

She only needed to be herself.

However, things were different now that they were about to get engaged.

She was his fiancée, and the Yu Family wasn’t an ordinary family either. Yu Yuehan worried that Fan Yu would hurt her if the two of them got too close together…

“He only saved my life. Why are you even so sour about this matter?” Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up from his embrace and poked his chest.

Taking ahold of her hand, Yu Yuehan’s lips curled up as he said, “No, I am not being sour. I am jealous.”


“I am jealous that he appeared in front of you a step before me and got to act like a hero that saved the beauty.”

Yu Yuehan pulled her hand toward his lips and bit it softly. Then, he opened his mouth slowly and said, “Nian Xiaomu, I will repay his favor on your behalf. You can be grateful toward him, but you cannot like him!”


He was really so overbearing that… that it made one unable to hate him for it.

Nian Xiaomu hugged his muscular waist with both of her hands. She smiled until her eyebrows arched and said, “We can repay the favor together, but…”

Nian Xiaomu thought of something and leaped out of his arms.

She stared at him seriously.

“Fan Yu seems to know me—he asked me a few weird questions today!”

Realizing the ambiguity of her words, Nian Xiaomu repeated them again, “I meant that he seems to know the me from the past!”

“… What did you say?” Yu Yuehan’s expression changed slightly.

“I am also not sure—you came when he just started speaking to me.” As Nian Xiaomu propped both of her cheeks against Yu Yuehan’s chest, she tilted her head and pondered over what Fan Yu had said.

Could he really have known her?

What was she like in the past?

If he really knew her, did he know her family as well?

Numerous questions popped up in Nian Xiaomu’s heart.

She immediately had a strong urge to look for Fan Yu and ask him about these questions.

However, she hesitated the moment she thought of Yu Yuehan and Xiao Liuliu…

She was living a very blissful life now.

She had someone whom she deeply loved as well as an adorable daughter.

Perhaps she shouldn’t try to remember her past since she had already forgotten about it.

One must look forward.

The life that she was living now was very, very blissful; it was so blissful that she felt a little uneasy, and she constantly had a feeling that everything had come too easily.

She couldn’t help but to constantly submerge herself in her wild imagination and worry that she might lose everything.

“Do you want to remember your past?” As Yu Yuehan cupped her face with both his hands, he stared fixedly at her with his deep and dark gaze.

It seemed like she could drown in the deep love within his eyes.

As long as she had something she wanted to do, he would always be willing to give her his support and company.

“I don’t know…” Nian Xiaomu was a little hesitant.

As she met his gaze, she pursed her lips nervously and threw herself into his embrace.

She hugged him tightly with both arms.

Anyone would want to find out their past and discover what kind of person they were.

However, she felt that Fan Yu’s reaction was a little weird.

He also said that she could not get engaged with Yu Yuehan—What exactly did he mean by that?

Nian Xiaomu felt an unknown sense of resistance the moment she thought of this.

She dove further and further into Yu Yuehan’s embrace…

Yu Yuehan felt her uneasiness; cupping the back of her head with his huge hands, he stroked her tiny head gently.