The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 609

Chapter 609 A Unique Surprise

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“…” Yu Yuehan was done with his noodles, so he put his chopsticks down.

Seeing her outstretched hands, his dark eyes flickered as he ignored her.

He turned to look at Xiao Liuliu, who was still eating, and answered coolly, “Xiao Liuliu is still eating. Wait a bit.”

“… What has your surprise got to do with whether Xiao Liuliu is done with her food?” Nian Xiaomu pouted.

However, she decided not to argue with him since he had really prepared a present.

She sat down next to Xiao Liuliu, but did not rush her to finish her food.

Watching her hold her spoon and eat happily, Nian Xiaomu was very amused by how serious Xiao Liuliu looked.

When Xiao Liuliu finished her noodles, Nian Xiaomu cleaned her mouth with tissue paper.

Completely forgetting to ask Yu Yuehan for her present, Nian Xiaomu carried Xiao Liuliu to the living room to play.

After taking a walk with her to digest the food, Nian Xiaomu showered Xiao Liuliu.

She had missed three years of fulfilling her motherly duties.

Now, she treasured every moment she had where she could take care of Xiao Liuliu.

“You smell so good now, and we can go to sleep.” After applying body lotion on Xiao Liuliu, Nian Xiaomu pecked her on the cheek and snuggled with her on the bed.

Very quickly, Xiao Liuliu fell sound asleep.

Nian Xiaomu was also about to doze off when she suddenly heard the door open.

Turning around to look, she felt herself fall into a wide embrace.

Before she could yelp in shock, Yu Yuehan had turned around and carried her out of the bedroom.

“Xiao Liuliu…”

“Xiao Liuliu’s asleep, so it’s time for your surprise.” Yu Yuehan interjected as his soulful gaze stared at her.

Thinking about the surprise that he had prepared, Nian Xiaomu did not insist on keeping Xiao Liuliu company.

It was Valentine’s Day today.

She was very curious about what surprise he had prepared for her.

He was so secretive about it and did not want to reveal it in front of Xiao Liuliu…

At the thought of this, Nian Xiaomu took the initiative to hook her arms around Yu Yuehan’s neck as she let him carry her back to the bedroom.

Then, he closed the door and checked again before locking it.

Why did it seem like this was not because of the surprise he was going to give her, but to prevent Xiao Liuliu from entering suddenly…

“Yu Yuehan, where is my Valentine’s Day present? Can you give it to me now?” Nian Xiaomu walked behind him and poked his muscular back.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan confirmed that the door was locked before turning around to face her.

He carried her to the bed and let her sit down.

Then, he took a scarf and blindfolded her as he instructed, “Don’t peek. You can take it off after one minute.”

“…” Hearing this, Nian Xiaomu could not help but feel nervous.

While he had given her many presents before, it had never been as serious as this time.

It seemed rather formal right now.

Was he going to give her a house or a car?

Surely it wasn’t shares of the Yu Corporation?

If it really was so, should she accept it or not?

If she were to accept it, she would appear materialistic. If she did not accept it, it would be so foolish…

What a dilemma!

Although it was a brief one minute, Nian Xiaomu’s mind was already filled with a thousand possibilities.

When Yu Yuehan said that she could remove the scarf, she felt like her heart was about to explode from excitement!

Nian Xiaomu calmed her nerves as she said, “I’m about to open my eyes…”

It wasn’t any of the many surprises that she had imagined. Instead, it was Yu Yuehan, who had been standing in front of her the whole time.

Wait, that wasn’t it.

He looked different from before.

There was a new rainbow bow hanging on his chest…