The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 61

Chapter 61: That's Nian Xiaomu?

After someone let out a loud shout, the entire atmosphere at the banquet venue changed.

All the servants stopped what they were doing and shuffled to stand in line.

Even the guests who had just stepped into the banquet hall hurriedly stepped out...

Everyone's focus was on the luxurious limousine that was driving in slowly from the villa gate.

Even Cheng Xiulu, who had just kicked up a ruckus, subconsciously stood at attention and did not dare to act up.

The car stopped very swiftly at the red carpet.

The car door opened.

Yu Yuehan's stoic face appeared in front of everyone.

The handmade black suit looked like it was customized for him, and every move he made exuded a regal aura that no one else could match up to.

"Young Master"

Respectful greetings resounded spontaneously all around.

Like an emperor making an inspection of his territory, he swept the area with his eyes. Everyone instinctively bowed, afraid to meet his eyes.

When his gaze landed on Nian Xiaomu, who was standing right on the other end, his eyes narrowed.

He thought he had seen wrongly and turned back to take a second look.

Everyone's focus was on Yu Yuehan. When they saw that his gaze stayed at a point for more than three seconds, they quickly turned toward that direction.

The people standing in front of Nian Xiaomu stepped away one by one.

When the person in front of her stepped away, she also instinctively stepped to the side, only to realize in shock that there was no one else behind her!

Her head was still filled with the image of the last time she had seen Yu Yuehan, who had been clad in his pajamas.

When she woke up yesterday, he had already left the villa.

And had not returned.

All of a sudden, they were now meeting with so many people around them. She was not sure whether she should be feeling awkward or nervous, so she just stood there and looked back at him.

"Young Master, is that Nian Xiaomu?" The assistant who was next to Yu Yuehan followed his line of sight, and his eyes turned into brass bells.

He almost could not control the volume of his voice and let out a shriek.

Clad in a white ball gown, Nian Xiaomu looked glamorous, yet cute.

The neckline of her dress was specially designed with accordion-pleats and a butterfly bow-tie. This made her look innocent and pure.

The corset-like dress made her slender body even more obviously curvaceous.

Even without any make-up, her beauty overpowered the rest of the young ladies from eminent families.

Additionally, there was an indescribable aura about her. She appeared like she was from a distinguished family just by standing still.

Yu Yuehan's eyes revealed a fleeting expression of enthrallment.

"Yuehan, you came back just in time. I was about to take Xiao Liuliu to meet you. Look..." Sensing that it might be a good time to take action, Cheng Xiulu clutched Xiao Liuliu's hand and spoke up.

While all the guests at the event were prominent figures in society, in front of Yu Yuehan, they still had to greet him as "Young Master." Yet, Cheng Xiulu could call Yu Yuehan by his name.

How honorable her status was could be verified just based on this aspect alone.

After Yu Yuehan makes the announcement at the banquet that her husband is the son of the Yu household and that she is the second lady, who would dare despise her in high society?

"Daddi!" Xiao Liuliu broke free from Chen Xiulu's hand and ran toward Yu Yuehan. She looked up at him, her eyes pleading to be carried.

Yu Yuehan's frosty expression grew milder, and he reached out to pick her up.

His cold eyes sent a warning signal to Cheng Xiulu. Then, he walked into the banquet hall.

Just as he was about to reach the door, he overheard a sneering voice speak out from behind, "Nian Xiaomu, I told you already that as a lowly nurse, you have no right to be here at such a grand event..."