The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 613

Chapter 613 The Goddess Who Had Left The House

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Fan Yu seemed to have understood what he meant, and his body stiffened.

A look of astonishment appeared in his eyes.

Immediately after, he raised his brows lightly.

“Why did you want to see me then?”

“It’s because you showed up and made my woman uneasy.” Yu Yuehan’s eyes darkened. When he thought of the times when Nian Xiaomu nestled into his embrace with a depressed look, he opened his lips slightly.

He did not care if Fan Yu really knew about her past or if he was deliberately mystifying things.

Nian Xiaomu had started to become confused about her past because of his appearance.

“Aren’t you curious about what she was like in the past? Did it ever cross your mind that she might have liked some other guy in the past? Or rather, someone whom she loved deeply…” Fan Yu slowed down and fixated his gaze on Yu Yuehan.

He waited for his reaction.

However, regardless of how he stared at him, there were no changes in Yu Yuehan’s expression the entire time.

His handsome face remained calm throughout.

Yu Yuehan only looked up after Fan Yu had finished speaking.

“I couldn’t make it in time to take part in her past, and that’s a regret of mine. However, I will protect her life from now on—This is the only thing you should know.”


“You had the chance to let her know today when you were at the entrance of the kindergarten. However, you did not do that. As such, you are qualified to be my competitor just from this action of yours. That is the reason why I asked you to come out tonight.”

Yu Yuehan strolled forward toward Fan Yu.

As he took in all of Fan Yu’s expressions, his eyes darkened as he said, “You care about her feelings as much as I do. In that case, you should be very clear about the kind of choices that would be best for her.”

After he finished speaking, he bypassed Fan Yu and got ready to leave.

Just when he took a step out, Fan Yu’s grim laughter sounded from behind.

Yu Yuehan stopped in his steps.

Turning around, he looked at him.

When Yu Yuehan met his gaze, Fan Yu’s laughter turned wilder and wilder. A tinge of madness could be observed in his gentle eyes.

“Yu Yuehan, everyone is selfish. What right do you have to even request that I remain a gentleman when it comes to matters of the heart? Since you know that I care about her, then you should know that I would rather protect the woman I love myself instead of expecting that others would cherish her!”

“She will not choose you. You have already lost,” Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes and replied coldly.

He seemed to appear calm from his expression, but his hands had already silently clenched into tight fists.

It wasn’t true that Yu Yuehan did not care about what Fan Yu had said.

Yu Yuehan had missed out on her past.

He did not even know which person she had cared for the most before she lost her memory.

Would she still stay by his side if she recalled everything one day?

He did not even dare to imagine if she were to leave him one day…

Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes narrowed all of a sudden!

Buzz… The cell phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

Yu Yuehan was taken aback. As he dug his cell phone out, he saw the caller ID on the screen and picked it up swiftly.

It was the butler.

“Young Master, Miss Nian woke up not long after you left…”

Someone else took the phone before the butler could finish his sentence.

Very quickly, Nian Xiaomu’s slightly aggrieved voice sounded from the other end of the call.

“Yu Yuehan, you ran off right after I fell asleep, and you didn’t even go to the office. Who did you meet? If you don’t clarify things now, you can stop dreaming about getting in this goddess’s bed tonight!”

When Nian Xiaomu did not hear his voice after waiting for a few seconds, she suddenly pinched her thigh and started to cry selfishly.

“Do you have a mistress outside that you secretly went to meet with behind my back? You are a jerk—a heartless rat! Everybody, you better not stop me—I am going to leave the house with Xiao Liuliu!”