The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Her Unrivalled Hero

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When Yu Yuehan heard her voice, his jittery heart turned calm in an instant.

Raising his eyebrows, the corner of his mouth curved into an arc—it was a smile, yet at the same time, it wasn’t a smile.

He switched to holding his cell phone with his other hand. With a loving voice, he said, “Stay there obediently and don’t move. I’ll come home now to accompany you to sleep.”

After he hung up the call, he did not look at Fan Yu again.

He got in the car directly and instructed the assistant to drive off.

Shortly after, he left that place.

Fan Yu was left standing alone quietly on the pier.

It was a very dark and quiet night.

He had merely stood at a closer than usual distance to Yu Yuehan, but it was so quiet that he could hear her voice coming from his phone.

Her coquettish voice.

Her reliance toward Yu Yuehan.

Her act of pretending to be angry was actually a form of longing for Yu Yuehan as well…

He had never seen Liuliu like this before.

She seemed unfamiliar, yet it made one madly addicted to her.

Fan Yu gripped the railing of the pier with such force that veins popped up on the backs of his hands.

His eyes were filled with an unconcealable look of resentment…

Could he really let it go?

Yu Family villa.

The sky had turned dark.

The main section of the villa was brightly lit as usual.

Nian Xiaomu was sitting on the sofa in the living room. After she hung up the call, she grabbed a packet of tidbits and tore the packaging open.

She had just stuffed the food into her mouth when she suddenly thought of something. Turning to the side, she looked at the butler who was beside her.

“It’s so late—I’ll wait for Yu Yuehan by myself. You can go to bed first.”

Reaching out, the butler adjusted his business attire and said professionally, “Young Master has instructed me to take care of Miss Nian until he returns.”

The butler was famous for being old and inflexible.

It was impossible to talk sense into him.

Nian Xiaomu gave up on her thought of urging him to retire first. Lifting her hand that held the packet of tidbits, she asked, “Well, do you want to have some?”

Snacking would make the waiting more bearable.

However, the butler merely took a glance at the tidbits in her hand before immediately frowning in a disapproving manner.

“Miss Nian, eating too many snacks isn’t good for your health. I’ll go cut up some fruit for you. Fruits have vitamins and can also replenish the lost water content in your body.” The butler continued to ramble on as he walked toward the kitchen.

“Youngsters nowadays take advantage of their youth and don’t bother to take care of their bodies. It won’t work like this—you must still take good care of your body…”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

After Nian Xiaomu got lectured by the butler, she took a glance at the tidbits in her hand again.

She would feel like she was committing a monstrous crime if she continued to snack on them.

Just when she was pondering over whether she should eat them, the engine of a car sounded from outside the villa.

Her heart squealed in delight.

Just as she placed the packet of tidbits down and stood up, Yu Yuehan’s figure appeared at the entrance of the villa at the very next second.

He stepped in with the brilliance of the stars and the moon.

Just like her unrivalled hero, he soothed all her restless feelings instantly.

He reached his hands out toward her.

At that instant, Nian Xiaomu could not suppress her tiny heart any longer. With her heart about to skip out of her throat, she took off and ran toward him.

She leaped forward and dove her entire body into his embrace.

She hugged him with both her arms and legs.

“Jerk! Where did you go? You were gone after I woke up, and I had a nightmare…” As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she suddenly choked up with emotion when she neared the end of her sentence.

It was the fear of waking up all alone with a start.

As she recalled the exceptionally quiet surroundings, it was as if she was the only person in the entire world. She got so afraid that she hugged his neck tightly.

Perhaps the things that Fan Yu had said during the day had stimulated her memories.

She dreamed of that huge fire again.

Just like a devil from a nightmare, the blazing fire engulfed all the people who were dear to her…

Including Xiao Liuliu and him.

Then, she woke up with a start. Feeling anxious, she was about to hug him, but realized that no one was beside her.