The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 620

Chapter 620 I Care I Care

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I should forget it if I’ve already forgotten about it… Nian Xiaomu muttered silently as she pondered over what Fan Yu said.

The one thing that mattered most to her was her family.

Who would have thought that her family was already gone…

Nian Xiaomu wanted to ask Fan Yu what had happened to her parents and if she had any siblings.

However, when she tried to think of the past, the image of that big fire would come to mind.

The searing fire consumed everything around it.

The thought of it gave her a splitting headache…

Every cell in her body tried to reject the memories of that fire.

“You look very pale. Don’t think about it anymore!” Fan Yu grabbed her hand as he snapped Nian Xiaomu out of her thoughts.

Lifting her head, Nian Xiaomu’s eyes met with Fan Yu’s clear gaze. She remained in a daze, and Fan Yu did not let go of her hand.

Softening his tone, he said, “If you still believe me, then listen to me. Live your life the way it is now. If you have forgotten the past, then it only means that it is not worth remembering…” Fan Yu paused suddenly. There was a sense of reluctance in his eyes, but he very quickly masked the emotion, and continued to speak coolly, “I searched for you only to see if you are living well. Since you are so blissful, I feel at ease.”


“From now on, I am your Brother Fan Yu. If Yu Yuehan dares to bully you, I will punish him for you.” Fan Yu seemed to have come to terms with this outcome. Gently stroking Nian Xiaomu’s head, his gesture of affection was pure and doting.

When Nian Xiaomu arrived at the cafe, she had felt very nervous.

She was afraid to hear bad news, but now, she felt relieved.

Picking up the cup of coffee in front of her, she took a sip and then licked off the foam on her lips. After that, she smiled as she said, “Yu Yuehan doesn’t dare to bully me. He lets me bully him.”

Hearing this, Fan Yu paused as his eyes flickered with conflicted emotion.

He had not expected that a domineering man like Yu Yuehan would actually be bossed around by a woman.

However, it was very possible if that woman was Liuliu.

His Liuliu deserved the best of everything.

Fan Yu and Nian Xiaomu did not get to chat much before the green-eyed monster’s call interrupted them.

Clasping her cell phone between her ear and shoulder, she continued to stuff cake into her mouth.

“Don’t bother, Fan Yu will send me back… What do you mean that I’m fickle-minded and do not care about you anymore? I care, I care! I want you to rest, which is why I would rather hitch a ride…”

“What do you mean that it’s not on the way? Did you even check the location of the Fan Corporation?”

“You can’t be so petty as a man… Alright, alright, you’re not petty. I know that you care about me. When I reach the office, I’ll report to your office right away, okay?”


Although she sounded like she was annoyed, Nian Xiaomu broke into a sweet smile as soon as she hung up the phone.

Lifting her head to look at Fan Yu, she explained, “I said I’d hitch a ride from you, but he insisted on picking me up.”

“Does he worry a lot about you?” Fan Yu asked coolly.

After shoving the last mouthful of cake into her mouth, her eyes turned into tiny crescents as she smiled and answered, “Yep, I guess. He’s a green-eyed monster.”

“Does that stress you out?” Fan Yu asked again.

He remembered that she never liked to be tied down.

If someone were to restrict her every move, she would definitely flare up.

Yet, she was actually coaxing Yu Yuehan right now.

“Nope, I control him even more strictly. If he dared to meet any woman behind my back, I would definitely be jealous to death!”