The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Her Family

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At the assistant’s words, Yu Yuehan stretched out to pull Nian Xiaomu into an embrace to comfort her, but realized that she was looking very calm.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” After Nian Xiaomu hung up the phone call with Fan Yu, her tiny face was no longer pale.

She was never the type to hide in a man’s arms for protection.

She could handle the problem on her own.

When Nian Xiaomu received the barrage of news, she narrowed her eyes and said, “I don’t remember a thing. I will not believe a single word unless there is actual evidence!”

The more something came bearing down menacingly, the more likely that something underhanded was happening.

She would not allow herself to panic.

Willing herself to calm down, Nian Xiaomu took her cell phone out and clicked on the video that the assistant was talking about.

Seeing that she was fine, Yu Yuehan walked over to her side to watch the interview clip together with her.

In the video, there was a woman who looked like she was in her early twenties.

Although she did not look exceptionally beautiful, her features were delicate.

Clad in a long and formal dress, she sat facing the camera. She seemed meek and afraid—even her voice sounded very weak.

“She is my sister. We grew up together. My name is Xing Li and her name is Xing Xing…”

This was the first time that Nian Xiaomu heard someone mention her name after she lost her memories. Her hand that gripped her cell phone trembled slightly.

Fan Yu had told her that her family was gone.

Where did this older sister come from?

If the person in the video was her older sister, then why hadn’t she come to look for her during the past three years?

Or did she approach the media only when news of Nian Xiaomu’s engagement was released?

Did her sister hate her this much because she had caused her own parents to die…

“Back then, although the Xing Family was not a wealthy and powerful clan, we were relatively well-off. Our parents were loving toward each other and doted on us. If not for that fire…”

As Xing Li recounted the painful memories, her emotions started to get the better of her, and she broke down sobbing.

After a long while, she regained her composure and continued to share her story with vengeance in her eyes.

“It was Xing Xing. She had done something wrong, yet she still talked back to Dad and Mom. After that, when she was burning things in her room, the house caught on fire and Dad and Mom died because they saved her. I will never forgive her…”

As Xing Li spoke about her pain, tears flowed down her cheeks. She could barely speak coherently.

Seeing her projecting such a weak image was heartbreaking.

It was a blissful family. The parents were loving and the older sister was gentle. However, the family was destroyed because of the willful younger sister.

The clip was very short. Xing Li kept her head down most of the time, covering half of her face with her long hair.

She looked so frail and helpless that men would naturally want to protect her.

The final accusation seemed like it had been suppressed for too many years…

Within minutes after the video was uploaded, it went viral and attracted a lot of attention!

All the comments were blaming Nian Xiaomu for being a jinx that brought misfortune and death to her whole family.

The venomous comments made by the netizens were filled with profanities …

The Yu Family had just announced news of an engagement ceremony, but bad publicity suddenly overshadowed the joyous occasion.

On the internet , everyone was slamming Nian Xiaomu.

This then brought about some movement to the stock prices of the Yu Corporation.

“Find out which publishing house is behind this video. Then, take it down in the shortest time possible!”