The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 626

Chapter 626 They All Called You little Miss

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“At that time, I was the sole heir to the Fan Corporation. My family had high expectations of me, and every day, I had to attend all sorts of enrichment classes and do a lot of homework… The happiest time of the day for me was when I stopped by the courtyard of your house to chat with you and watch you play.”

As a child, Fan Yu was not as warm and carefree as he was now.

Instead, he had to shoulder the burden of the family business as a young child. At that time, the only warmth he felt was from his Liuliu.

They were a few years apart, and while he was attending school, she was still playing with dolls.

By the time she started school, he already knew everything that she was learning, so he became her little teacher.

She would note down whatever she did not understand in class and wait to ask him every afternoon when he got home.

It was like a secret between them that no one besides them knew.

She liked to sweetly call him ‘Brother Fan Yu.”

Unlike other children, she did not go through mainstream education.

When she was very young, she started to take commerce courses just like he had.

From a very young age, she was bright, sharp, and comparable to the veterans in the industry.

Later on, Fan Yu discovered that she had a photographic memory and was especially perceptive when it came to numbers.

She could instantly recall any numbers that flashed in front of her eyes and even make accurate calculations…

She was one of a kind, and he realized this very quickly.

However, he was only a few years older than her, and the world that the children lived in was simple and pure.

He had found a playmate whom he connected well with. As long as he could see her every day, that was the happiest thing for him.

“During the years when I lived in my grandmother’s house, we met in secret. I had heard other people call you Little Miss and asked you what your name was.” Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes sparkled.

He still remembered that when he had asked for her name, she had kept silent for a long while.

It was like she did not know her name or maybe she hesitated to tell him.

At that time, he got a little angry, but could not bear to flare up at her. He merely stood stubbornly at the fence and looked back at her.

Finally, when he was about to leave, she suddenly reached out her little hand and tugged at his sleeve.

She said, “My name is Liuliu. Brother Fan Yu, call me Liuliu. Liuliu is only telling this to you. Do not let anyone else know.”

Liuliu was the name she had told him.

From then on, he called her Liuliu.

She was the Liuliu who belonged to him.

“Liuliu… isn’t that Xiao Liuliu’s name…” Nian Xiaomu uttered the name under her breath.

A few strange images flashed in her mind.

There were a few people in them, but she could not make them out clearly.

“Xiao Liuliu was named Yu Liuliu because the name was written on the DNA report that was found on her when she was sent to me,” Yu Yuehan explained, adding to Nian Xiaomu’s words.

“At first I thought that this name was given by Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother because it sounded auspicious. I kept the name since it might help her live a smooth and easy life.”

However, now it seemed that Liuliu’s name wasn’t the name that Nian Xiaomu gave her daughter.

Instead, it was her own name!

“Although I lived in my grandmother’s house for many years, never once did I meet your parents. I only heard the people around you call you ‘Little Miss.’ Once, when I was waiting for you outside the fence, I saw a girl who was around your age…”