The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Token Of Love

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“At that time, my training in the country was almost over and the Fan Family was planning to emigrate. When I learned about this, my first response was to look for you. I remember this clearly because I was worried that you couldn’t bear to see me leave. I secretly brought you your favorite tiramisu to give you a surprise. When I got to the courtyard, you were not alone.”

“All of you were facing away from me and standing quite a distance away. I couldn’t hear what you were talking about, but could tell that you broke into a wide smile at the other girl’s words and called out, ‘Daddy! Mommy!’ as you darted off.”

Fan Yu paused as he spoke. In his eyes, there was a look of regret.

His tone of voice fell lower.

“That was the last time I saw you…”

The next day, Fan Yu got picked up and departed.

The emigration was carried out very hastily.

At that time, he was a young teen and had to follow the instructions of the family.

Before he left, he only had enough time to run to her house and leave a letter with his new overseas address for her.

That was the first time he saw the main gate of her house.

It was different from what he had expected it to be.

From the main gate, it appeared to be an ordinary house. However, after crossing the main gate, there were a few bodyguards stationed along both sides.

Security was very tight.

Although he had many questions in his heart, there wasn’t time for him to ponder too much over it.

After that, the Fan family settled down overseas.

Immediately, he thought of contacting her.

He wrote to her and called her, but no one picked up the calls that he made.

The letters that he wrote also went unanswered.

Before six months passed, Fan Yu could not wait any longer and returned to the country to look for Liuliu in spite of his family’s objections.

However, when he got back to the country and returned to the same fenced courtyard, all he saw was that the place had been reduced to dust and ashes…

His Liuliu had disappeared.

This was a residential area, but there weren’t many neighbors.

Occasionally, someone might remark that the family had suffered from misfortune. A fire had killed all the members of the family.

A daughter survived, and she was adopted by another family.

“At that time, I went berserk trying to look for you. It was only then I realized that besides knowing your name is Liuliu and what you looked like, I knew nothing else about you…”

Fan Yu clenched his fists silently.

At that time, he only had a photograph of her.

He knocked on every door in the neighborhood, but did not manage to find out anything about her.

In the end, he stayed for a whole month, but did not find her.

He was brought back by his family.

“After I returned to the Fan family, I never stopped looking for you. I constantly hired people to find out about what had happened to your family. However, the fire had destroyed everything. Everything about you was burned to ashes.”

The memories of their youth were buried in his heart and had become a worry in his heart.

Throughout these years, he had been to many places and met many people.

Every time he saw a figure that was similar to hers, he would harbor a tinge of hope that she was finally returning to his side.

However, he was disappointed time after time to the point that he was going to give up hope.

Then, three years ago, the Queen’s Ring that had vanished for a long time resurfaced…

“I remember that you told me before that you liked the ring a lot. You wore it all the time and wanted to give it to the love of your life as a token of love when you meet him.”