The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Who Was Calling Her little Miss?

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Hearing this, Fan Yu nodded.

“I still remember that place. I’ll take you there.” As Fan Yu spoke, he put down the teacup in his hands and stood up.

His warm gaze fell gently on Nian Xiaomu.

From the time they had been apart, it had been almost 10 years.

There were many things that he had some impression of, but could not remember clearly anymore.

Since he had not been able to find her, he did not have the courage to go back to their childhood hangout after he returned to the country.

It had been almost a decade since he stepped foot there…

The group of them set off very quickly to the Xing Family’s old address.

Before they reached the destination, they could already see the burned down mansion from afar.

“I heard that the mansion is still for sale on the market because lives were lost in the fire and potential buyers feel that it is an inauspicious house. The state of the mansion has remained unchanged,” Fan Yu explained slowly as the car moved closer to the mansion.

Nian Xiaomu leaned against the car window after hearing his words and looked out toward the Xing Family’s old home.

The outer parts of the courtyard, where the fence had been, had already burned down. Whatever was left of the fence had disintegrated after all these years.

Without knowing why, Nian Xiaomu’s heart started to beat faster when she saw this place.

She could feel the adrenaline rush within herself.

Bits and pieces of images flashed through her mind.

“Little Miss, this is where you will live in the future. If you have any requests, feel free to let us know…”

“Little Miss, the swing that you like has been set up in the courtyard already. Would you like to try it now?”

“Handsome brother, what is your name?”

“Will you still come by to see me tomorrow? It’s okay if you don’t come. Just give me your address. I can go and look for you…”


Although Fan Yu had recounted their time together, she still did not remember any of it.

However, once they got to this place, her forgotten memories started to return in her mind.

“I think I’ve been here before… It feels familiar…” Nian Xiaomu bit her lips as her face turned pale from thinking about these murky flashbacks.

Yu Yuehan hugged her tightly and reassured her, “No rush. We can do this slowly.”

His low voice was comforting to hear.

Nian Xiaomu rested in his arms, calmed down, and stopped pushing herself to continue recalling the past.

When the car finally stopped at the Xing Family’s old mansion, Fan Yu opened the car door and got out first.

Clad in a white suit, Fan Yu stood on the ashen ground. A streak of anguish swept past his handsome face.

He still blamed himself for not protecting his Liuliu back then.

He could only imagine how terrified she must have been at the time. It was all his fault.

“This is the place where we first met. Under that big tree in the Xing Family courtyard, there was a swing. You used to sit on it while reading or drawing. Sometimes, you sketched yourself. Other times, you sketched portraits of handsome young men,” Fan Yu said as he pointed to a corner of the courtyard.

Although the place had burned down, there were new branches growing out from the tree.

When he closed his eyes, he could see his Liuliu sitting on the swing that was hanging from the tree branch while holding her sketchbook and drawing…

“At that time, I only knew how to sketch people. That’s why I only drew myself and young men,” Nian Xiaomu explained quickly when she felt a gust of chilly wind blow past her.