The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 63

Chapter 63: His rebel

The young lady that Xiao Liuliu had bumped against pushed her away forcefully and looked at her skirt that had been stepped on with disgust.

"Xiao Liuliu, are you alright?"

Nian Xiaomu rushed forward hurriedly. She pulled Xiao Liuliu, who was stunned from being shouted at, into her embrace and checked Xiao Liuliu's injured arm.

She heaved a light sigh of relief when she was sure that she was fine.

"Miss, I am very sorry..."

"Is this child yours? Is this the way you look after your child?" the young lady interrupted Nian Xiaomu's apology.

"Xiao Liuliu is such a tacky name just from hearing it. I am unfortunate and must have gathered the bad luck accumulated from my past lives to have met you!"

With her overbearing attitude, even adults would be scared, much less a kid.

Fearfully, Xiao Liuliu blinked her huge, watery eyes and dove right into Nian Xiaomu's embrace.

"Why are you crying? If crying helped, the entire Yu Family would be yours!"

"Wah, wah..."

Xiao Liuliu was so afraid that she bawled loudly.

Nian Xiaomu hugged her tightly. With a darkened face and knitted eyebrows, she glared at the person in front of her.

"Miss, it was Xiao Liuliu's fault for bumping into you, and I have already apologized on her behalf. Is there a need to be so fierce to a child?"

"What is the point of an apology? Do you know how expensive my skirt is? If it gets stained, would you be able to compensate for it?" The young lady looked like she still had something to say, but suddenly stopped.

Nian Xiaomu followed her gaze. Then, she realized that Yu Yuehan had noticed the sounds of commotion coming from her side and was walking toward them with a cup of red wine in hand.

"So handsome..."

All the young ladies looked like they had lost their souls the moment they saw Yu Yuehan.

They stared at him blankly.

"What happened?" Yu Yuehan strolled forward. His dark eyes swept across the scene in front of him, and he spoke in a deep voice.

Before Nian Xiaomu could say anything, Cheng Xiulu squeezed through the crowd and grabbed the young lady, who still had an overbearing attitude from a moment ago.

"Yuehan, I wanted to introduce Meimei to you. Seems like you both have great affinity!" Cheng Xiulu gave a flattering smile.

"This is my niece, Cheng Caimei. She has just finished her studies overseas and returned home. She is talented, good-looking, and especially loves children..."

Cheng Caimei was so shy that her face turned red when she saw Yu Yuehan walking toward her.

She tugged her skirt with both of her hands. She wanted him to come near, but was shy at the same time.

She had just graduated from a university overseas and returned home.

When she heard that the suitor introduced by her aunt also had a kid, she was originally unhappy.

If not for the Yu Family's wealth and power, as well as a lifetime of glory and great riches from being the Young Mistress of the Yu Family, she would never have agreed to be a stepmother.

But it had never crossed her mind that Yu Yuehan was so handsome!

His every movement carried so much grandeur, just like a deity.

For this kind of man, there were already so many people vying for him when he had wealth and power; however, even if he were penniless, the number of people fighting for his attention would also not lessen one bit!

She felt that she had picked up a treasure. She adjusted her appearance hurriedly, hoping to present her best self in front of Yu Yuehan.

"Xiao Liuliu cried because of you?" Yu Yuehan knitted his eyebrows; no emotions could be detected from his calm voice.

"Xiao Liuliu..." Cheng Caimei was stunned at being questioned and spoke subconsciously,

"Young Master Han knows this child as well? She bumped into me just now and nearly soiled my skirt. She cried even before I dealt with her. What bad upbringing!"

Cheng Xiulu only noticed Nian Xiaomu, who was carrying Xiao Liuliu at the side, when she heard what Cheng Caimei said.

The little girl leaned against Nian Xiaomu's chest and sobbed pitifully.

When Xiao Liuliu heard Yu Yuehan's voice, she raised her delicate little face from Nian Xiaomu's chest and shouted in grievance, "Daddi~"