The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 630

Chapter 630 She Was Always Being Tutored

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Nian Xiaomu kept eyeballing Fan Yu.

If he continued to bring up the topic of hotties, she was not going to get away with it…

It was obvious that there was no chemistry between her and Fan Yu after being apart for so many years.

Upon hearing her words, Fan Yu’s lips curled upward.

Seeing Yu Yuehan’s darkened face, he intentionally or otherwise added, “You were not only good at sketching portraits, you were also talented in other areas and showed off the awards that you won to me.”


“I still remember that one time, I had accidentally given you an imitation of an oil painting instead of the original. You could tell right away that it was not the authentic painting and told me that you could immediately discern real paintings from fake ones with a mere glance.”

Fan Yu paused at this moment, suddenly realizing that something was amiss. The expression on his face changed as he lifted his head, hesitant to continue.

When they first met, they were both still young.

Although they were considered more mature than their peers, it was only natural that they were ignorant of certain aspects. Back then, he did not think that anything was strange. Now, however, he could see that there were so many suspicious details…

If the Xing Family were indeed a middle-class family like Xing Li had claimed, then why did Nian Xiaomu have to learn so many things when she was only a child?

Fan Yu knew that he was older than her and that he had secretly taught her many skills.

However, he recalled that before he became her little teacher, she seemed to have attended most courses already.

She even knew things that he had never taught her before.

Such as the ability to appreciate famous oil paintings…

Why would a child from an ordinary family know that?

It was natural for him because he was the successor of the Fan Family and had been groomed from a young age to manage a corporation.

What about his Liuliu?

He had only known that she had a photographic memory and was perceptive to numbers. What he did not think of was the fact that she had received professional tutoring.

At a young age, she already had an opinion regarding business-related matters.

Sometimes, he would use case studies to test her, and she would shock him with her out-of-the-box reasoning.

Back then, he had only thought that Liuliu was exceptionally bright and cheeky. She liked to ask him questions about the business world, and he would teach her whatever he knew. It never crossed his mind why she would want to learn about it…

Also, what about the bodyguards who were stationed in the courtyard…

“I remember there used to be a small fruit garden here…” Nian Xiaomu did not notice the change in expression on Fan Yu’s face as she walked on before stopping in front of an empty plot of land.

Narrowing her eyes to recall the past, she suddenly lifted her head and looked at Fan Yu as she exclaimed, “This used to be a strawberry garden. I loved strawberries, and that’s why my family started growing them—so I could eat fresh strawberries. Am I right?”

Fan Yu froze at her words!

He walked over to her in agitation and asked, “Do you remember now?”

In the past, there were actually strawberries grown in this courtyard.

Every time it was time to harvest the strawberries, she would carry a basket and fill it up with strawberries for him.

Then, she would sneak out through a hole in the fence when no one was watching and deliver the strawberries to his house.

After putting them on his balcony, she would knock on his window and run off.

He had asked her before why she would leave the basket on the balcony instead of bringing it into his room.

Her answer was so matter-of-fact that he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Even now, he could still remember how she had haughtily answered, “I won’t take responsibility after flirting with you!”