The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Besides You There Was Someone Else

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“I cannot remember…” Nian Xiaomu was shocked by his question. The images in her mind became distorted again.

She could only vaguely remember that she had been here before.

She had some recollection of the swing and also of the strawberry garden in the courtyard.

However, she had no impression of her family or an older sister named Xing Li…

There was also that fire.

In her memories, there was indeed a fire with flames that had engulfed everything in the surroundings.

She had dreamed about dying in a fire countless times, but she would forget things when she woke up.

However, if she had lived here before and could remember how she had spent time in this courtyard, then what Xing Li said could likely be true.

Her name was Xing Xing.

She had an older sister and loving parents.

However, their blissful life was ruined by her hand. She had set their house on fire and destroyed everything.

She was the jinx of the Xing Family…

At this point, Nian Xiaomu’s face turned pale.

Turning over to Fan Yu, she asked, “Back then, did you see anyone else when you came by? Perhaps my parents or my older sister?”


Fan Yu kept silent.

In his warm eyes, there was a tinge of hesitation.

After a long while, he nodded slightly as he answered, “I’m not sure if those were your parents because they seemed to behave rather oddly toward you…”

Then, Fan Yu thought of something.

He had lived in his grandmother’s house for many years.

At first, he and Liuliu had hung out together in secret.

After some time, they could not hide it anymore.

His family found out that he had a close playmate.

After hearing that her family treated her strictly and that she had to sneak out to play, Fan Yu’s grandmother even created a tiny door for her to enter and leave freely.

Sometimes, he would invite her over to his house for snacks.

He remembered that she rarely spoke about her family.

She would always turn up on her own whenever she came over to his house to play.

When his grandmother asked about her family, she did not divulge much.

After some time, he learned that she did not like the questions so he stopped asking.

Too much time had passed, and there were many details that he could not remember clearly anymore.

He could kind of remember seeing a middle-aged couple standing in the courtyard with her.

They were talking about something, and there was love and affection in their eyes…

They were the image of doting parents.

However, they appeared to stand with bent postures and looked as if they were respectful toward her.

“What about Xing Li? Didn’t you say that you had seen someone around my age standing next to me. Aside from that time, did you see any of my family members?”

Nian Xiaomu reached out and grabbed Fan Yu’s arm subconsciously while giving him an expectant look.

Besides herself, the only person who could revive her memories right now was Fan Yu.

Pursing his lips, Fan Yu appeared to fall into a stupor.

It had been too long ago, and his attention had been all on her.

Apart from her, he had not noticed anyone else.

If not for the video on the internet that claimed that she had an older sister, he would have forgotten that he had seen her with other people before.

There were not many households around the Xing Family mansion…

Just then, a thought struck Fan Yu, causing the look in his eyes to change.

“I remember now. Besides you, there was a girl who often appeared on my balcony!”