The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 633

Chapter 633 Master Han Was Made A Cuckold By The Childhood Sweetheart Again

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Just like Fan Yu said, let bygones be bygones.

This was fate.

It might not even be a good thing for her if she got her memories back .

Someone had turned into a green-eyed monster before she had even remembered her past. If she were to regain her memories, she might find out that she had done something immoral to Fan Yu before…

“When you were young, you used to hold my hand as you slept. You said that holding my hand was very comfortable. Sometimes, when you couldn’t fall asleep, you would even run over here, grab my finger, and make me accompany you to sleep,” Fan Yu said slowly, like he was sharpening his blades.

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

She turned to look at Yu Yuehan’s face and saw that it had turned as black as the bottom of a pot!

“Calm down, Yu Yuehan. You should know that young girls are easily attracted to boys older than themselves. I treated Fan Yu like an elder brother. There’s nothing more to it!”

Nian Xiaomu swallowed hard and then continued, “Who doesn’t have a young and wild past? Didn’t Wen Yadai run over to your villa to play with you back then? Grandma even said that she wanted to make her your wife. I’ve been so gracious about it. Did I ever show my displeasure?”

“I’ve never played the piano for her,” Yu Yuehan coolly answered.

Nian Xiaomu: “…!”

“I’ve never held her hand before.” Yu Yuehan’s voice turned even icier as his eyes turned darker.

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

“I’ve never let her sleep in my bed. She’s never even entered my room before.” By the time Yu Yuehan got to the last part, he was already gnashing his teeth as he spoke.

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!!”

Well, after listening to his words, it did seem like she had gone rather overboard…

Of all the things to bring up, Fan Yu had to keep dwelling on the “interesting stories” about her flirting with hotties when she was younger.

Now, this man was totally consumed by jealousy.

What was she going to do?

Blinking her animated eyes, she turned and pounced into his arms. Then, she reached out and hooked her arms around his neck.

“There’s only you in my heart now. Besides you, I will not let anyone enter my room or climb into my bed.” Nian Xiaomu gazed at him sincerely as she made this promise to him.

As soon as she finished speaking, she realized what she had said, and her face immediately turned scarlet red!

After taking a glance at the astonished Yu Yuehan, she buried her head in his chest.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Her goddess image was completely ruined!

“…” Yu Yuehan reached out to hold her. Seeing her flustered little face, the frustration within him vanished immediately.

What else could he do besides dote on his own woman?

She liked to flirt with hotties, and he happened to be one.

If she wanted to have a kept hottie, then he would give her all his money so she could financially support him.

Leading Nian Xiaomu over to the balcony, Yu Yuehan looked out at the way that they had walked in. As his deep gaze swept past the back door, a light flickered in his eyes.

Immediately, he turned toward Fan Yu and asked, “You said that you used to see another girl. Where would she stand?”

“Most of the time she would stand at the door.” Fan Yu walked forward, propped his hands on the balcony, and climbed over it.

Then, he squatted down and looked outward.

From his angle, he could see the back door of the courtyard. If someone were to enter the unlocked back door, he would be able to spot the person right away.

“That girl was about Liuliu’s age. However, there was something I couldn’t figure out after seeing her a few times.” Fan Yu paused. A strange light flickered in his dark brown eyes.

As his voice became even deeper, he continued, “Whenever that figure appeared, it would be just after Liuliu came by. Also, her clothes were very different before and after…”