The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Blockbuster Of The Yearthe First Half Of Her Life

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Fan Yu raised his eyebrows slightly. While squatting on the balcony, he propped his head with a hand as he tried hard to recall the details.

“When I saw that girl for the first time, she was wearing a similar dress to the one that Liuliu was wearing and resembled Liuliu quite a fair bit. Later on, however, I noticed that she wore more mature-looking clothes that made her look like a young adult!”

“What about her face? Since you saw her more than once, are you able to recall what she looked like?” Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes flickered as he turned toward Fan Yu.

Nian Xiaomu grew nervous as well.

Hearing this, Fan Yu shook his head as he answered, “While I’ve seen her before, my attention was only on Liuliu. At the beginning, I had mistaken her for Liuliu and ran out to meet her. It was only afterward that I realized it was someone else.”

Fan Yu’s lips curled upward as he looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“We can only blame my Liuliu for being too adorable back then. I did not pay attention to anyone else besides her.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Why did her back feel so chilly all of a sudden?

She had just appeased the iceberg, but now Fan Yu’s words had banished her back to a world of ice and snow.

Turning to take a peek at Yu Yuehan, who was standing next to her, she could see that he had indeed turned into a green-eyed monster!

Just as she anxiously tried to think of something to say, she saw that the expression on his face had turned back to its normal state.

In fact, not only was it normal, he was even smiling.

Did he get so agitated that he became a lunatic?

Without waiting for Nian Xiaomu to regain her composure, Yu Yuehan lifted his hand and dotingly stroked the back of her head.

“My woman has always been so cute that it’s only natural for there to be wolves preying on her. I’m not angry.”

After a few rounds of confrontation, Yu Yuehan could be fully certain that Fan Yu’s choice of words was intentional.

They were here to investigate Xing Li, not to listen to him reminisce about the past.

How could it be so coincidental that every incident he remembered was related to how much Nian Xiaomu had relied on him…

It was too bad that they were so young back then and that Nian Xiaomu had also forgotten everything already. There was nothing that Yu Yuehan could find fault with even if he wanted to. He could only bear with the annoyance.

If he were to show his ire, then that would be falling into Fan Yu’s trap.

The more Yu Yuehan thought about it, the bigger the smile on his face grew.

Reaching out to draw Nian Xiaomu closer to himself, he caressed her head and pinched her face.

After that, he even purposefully lowered his head to kiss her on the forehead for Fan Yu to see.

The warm smile on Fan Yu’s face crumbled…

Fan Yu was no match for him.

She was already his woman. Even if Fan Yu were to recount the past a hundred times, what good would that do?

Yu Yuehan would be a magnanimous man instead of getting jealous.

“Fan Yu, do you really not remember what the girl looked like? What about her height and figure? Didn’t you say that you had seen a girl who was around my age in my courtyard? Was it the same person whom you saw at your house?”

Nian Xiaomu tried to make the connections between Fan Yu’s memories.

She could feel a sense of familiarity in the surroundings.

While she could not recall anything that Fan Yu brought up, she knew in her heart that he couldn’t be lying to her.

She seemed to have really lived here before…

If that was the case, then what Xing Li said was mostly likely the truth.

“Based on her height and figure, she was very close to the same.” Fan Yu narrowed his eyes as he recalled what the two people had looked like.

If the person who often sneaked into his house was indeed Xing Li, then she could have came her to look for her younger sister…

“It’s not difficult to find out if Xing Li is telling the truth. Let’s find her and get her to do a DNA test to see if she is really your sister!”