The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Blockbuster Of The Yearthe First Half Of Her Life 2

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Yu Yuehan turned Nian Xiaomu’s face toward himself as he enunciated every word clearly and slowly.

Upon hearing his words, Fan Yu’s eyes flickered, but he did not respond.

It was obvious that he agreed with this course of action.

It was the simplest and most direct way to find out the truth.

“The woman in the video kept her head low the whole time. It’s difficult to see her face clearly, so it won’t be easy to find her. However, if she were willing to accept a media interview, she would naturally have left an address and a contact number. If we were to check along that line of communication, we should probably be able to locate her,” Fan Yu suggested.

In City H, if he and Yu Yuehan were to combine their powers to find someone, then that person would not even have a place to hide!

“I’ve already sent someone to look into Xing Li to find out where she has been living all these years, what she has been up to, and what her motive is behind approaching the media. We should have updates soon.”

Taking Nian Xiaomu’s hand with his, Yu Yuehan turned and walked out.

When they reached the door, they saw the assistant hurry in from outside.

“Master Han…”

“Do you have Xing Li’s information?” Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes narrowed, and a streak of dangerous light flashed past his face.

The assistant bowed respectfully as he answered, “Well… not exactly. Our people were still locating Xing Li when she approached us first. When she found out that Miss Nian had returned to the Xing Family’s old mansion, she rushed over here and is now being stopped by the bodyguards at the security area…”

When Nian Xiaomu heard that Xing Li had appeared, she immediately let go of Yu Yuehan’s hand and ran forward.

Since the time she woke up from her coma, this was the first time she had news of her family.

It would be a lie to pretend that she was not anxious.

Her heart pounded wildly.

Before they reached the Xing Family’s old mansion, they spotted a lithe figure standing in a pile of ashes in the courtyard.

Her shoulders were trembling, and it seemed like she was crying.

When she heard the sound of footsteps, she suddenly turned around.

Seeing the group of them, she charged toward them agitatedly.

“Xing Xing, how dare you show your face here? Why didn’t you die? Ah! The person who should have died is you…” Xing Li looked like she had gone berserk as she confronted Nian Xiaomu.

Before she could get closer to Nian Xiaomu, the bodyguards who were standing by the side stopped her.

“You jinx! It was all because of you! That’s why our family ended up like this. Why didn’t you die? I want to curse you to die a horrible death!”

Although Xing Li was restrained by the bodyguards, she tried to break free from their grip.

Her eyes were sharp, and the expression on her face was vile.

There was not a tinge of happiness in her eyes when she saw Nian Xiaomu. The glare she gave was more like a look of hatred toward an enemy rather than the joy of reuniting with family.

As she struggled to break free, the long hair that was covering her face was swept aside,

revealing an ugly scar that covered half of her face. The sight of her disfigured face was so hideous that Nian Xiaomu was stunned.

When she realized that she had exposed her face, Xing Li covered her face with both her hands.

Squatting on the ground, she yelled, “Don’t look at me! None of you look at me…”

Xing Li anxiously combed her hair downward to cover the scarring on her face.

Then, she turned and shouted at Nian Xiaomu, “It’s because of you. It’s all because of you. If not for you, Dad and Mom would not have died. I wouldn’t have been disfigured… Our family ended up like this because of you. You deserve to die, Xing Xing!”

Xing Li seemed deranged as she suddenly pounced forward.

The bodyguards had not expected her to spring up from her squatting position. Before they could stop her, she had already pounced toward Nian Xiaomu and reached out to grab her hand!

Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed, but before he could drag Xing Li away, Nian Xiaomu used her hand to block him.

Xing Li did not expect her to remain so composed. Nian Xiaomu did not panic, and she also did not show anger at Xing Li’s accusation.

In her eyes, there was only a sense of calm.

Looking at Xing Li as if she were a stranger, Nian Xiaomu asked, “Are you my older sister?”