The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Make Her Lose Everything

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Nian Xiaomu eyed the person in front of her from head to toe.

She had long jet-black hair and appeared reserved and obedient.

Like herself, Xing Li was also slender.

She would be considered a beauty with her delicate features, but one side of her face was scarred by the fire.

However, there was a sense of evil and foreboding in her mien that tarnished her image. She appeared more like a demoness that had escaped from hell.

Was this person… really her older sister?

Why didn’t they look alike at all?

“Don’t call me Older Sister! I’d rather not have a person like you as my younger sister!” Upon hearing Nian Xiaomu say the words “older sister,” Xing Li lashed out through gritted teeth and squeezed Nian Xiaomu’s hand so hard that it felt like she was out to break Nian Xiaomu’s bones.

Nian Xiaomu frowned when she felt the pain in her hand.

Just when she was about to fling off Xing Li’s arm, Yu Yuehan stepped forward and broke them apart, pulling Nian Xiaomu into his arms.

Seeing Yu Yuehan’s actions, a thought struck Xing Li, and she exclaimed loudly, “Don’t be fooled by her beauty, Master Han! She is a jinx, and our parents died because of her. She caused me to get disfigured in the fire and forced me to live with a foster family. If you marry her, misfortune will befall you and your family!”

Most wealthy and influential families cared about feng shui as well as the prosperity of their future generations.

The Yu Family only had one successor, which was Yu Yuehan. If anything untoward were to happen to him, the entire Yu Family fortune would fall into the hands of the illegitimate child, Yu Huiwei.

If that were to happen, Matriarch Yu would never live that down.

Xing Li seemed to know the Yu Family very well, so every word she said hit the nail on the head.

She couldn’t wait to see Yu Yuehan drop Nian Xiaomu like a hot potato and for Nian Xiaomu to lose everything!

“…” When Nian Xiaomu raised her head to look at Xing Li, she could see that Xing Li’s eyes were full of hatred.

While blood is thicker than water, there was not a tinge of familial love in Xing Li’s eyes.

Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes in bewilderment…

As she slowly straightened her body and walked toward Xing Li, she asked, “When you said that I was the jinx who caused the deaths of the entire family, what do you mean?”

“You wretched girl! You have the gall to ask me this? Dad and Mom were so good to you, yet this was how you repaid their kindness? If it weren’t for you, they would not have suffered such tragic deaths. Do you know how horrifying it was? Their bodies were charred, and the two of them had stood at your door to protect you from the fire. They were burned to death because they saved your life!”


Xing Li’s words cut through Nian Xiaomu’s heart.

When she pictured the scene that Xing Li described, it felt like there was a big hand strangling her from within.

Did her father and mother really die because of her?

Was it because they had stood at her door to protect her? Was that why they died in the fire…?

Nian Xiaomu shuddered.

A blurry image flashed past her eyes.

There were two people standing in front of her and shouting at her to quickly escape.

Behind them, there were raging flames that were consuming the surroundings, creeping along the walls, and…

Nian Xiaomu wanted to run, but could not run fast enough.

Her legs felt like there were lead weights tied to them, and her whole body was in pain. The scorching heat stung every bit of her skin while the thick, acrid smoke made it impossible for her to breathe properly.

She tried to grab ahold of the person next to her, but he kept pushing her forward and hurrying her to leave as quickly as she could…

“Go! Quickly get out of here!”

“Promise us that you will live a good life. No matter what happens, you have to carry on living life well!”