The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 638

Chapter 638 Her Determination Beyond Imagination

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Xing Li pushed the bodyguard away and wanted to move forward. However, she was quickly stopped and was only able to shout at Nian Xiaomu resentfully.

Compared to Xing Li’s hysteria, Nian Xiaomu appeared to be very calm aside from losing control of her emotions for a fleeting moment.

Listening to Xing Li’s curses, her face went pale.

Her hands that were draped at the sides of her body tightened into fists.

However, she did not show any signs of weakness, as she continued standing still before Xing Li and carried on asking.

“In the interview, you mentioned that I had quarreled with my parents. Unwilling to be disciplined, I went back to my room and started burning things, which led to the fire that killed my own family members. I would like to know, why did I quarrel with my parents?”


Xing Li was startled by her question.

Her face turned momentarily expressionless.

Then, she gnashed her teeth.

“Since you were young, you had a bad temper, tended to do things your own way, and would do anything to get what you wanted. You would make Mom and Dad angry almost every day. If I were to nag at you, you would get upset, sneak out through the fence in the yard, and stay out for the entire day!”

“I don’t remember that,” Nian Xiaomu answered directly.

She turned towards Fan Yu.

She was unable to differentiate if what Xing Li said was true, but Fan Yu should be aware.

Fan Yu had not really spoken since Xing Li appeared, and it was unclear what he was thinking.

As he looked at Xing Li, his gaze was a little weird.

“Of course you wouldn’t remember! You have done so many bad things—can you even remember them?” Xing Li lifted her head, revealing the side of her disfigured, hideous face and continued, “Xing Xing, on your behalf, I will remember every single thing you did. As long as I am alive, I will make you pay for your mistakes!”

Xing Li lowered her head and bit one of the bodyguard’s hands. As the bodyguard released his grip, she lurched toward Nian Xiaomu.

Just as she grabbed ahold of Nian Xiaomu’s hand, Nian Xiaomu tilted her body and grabbed Xing Li by her wrist, twisted Xing Li’s arm, and pulled it behind Xing Li’s back.

Seeing that Xing Li still intended to kick up a ruckus, Nian Xiaomu lifted her leg and kicked Xing Li’s knee, making her fall down on one knee.

After that, Nian Xiaomu knelt down to maintain eye contact with her.

“I don’t remember anything about what you said. However, the fire at the Xing Family mansion occurred 10 years ago, and you were also disfigured. What about me? Where was I?”

This was what Nian Xiaomu could not figure out.

It was three years ago when she was injured and found by Tan Bengbeng.

However, it had already been 10 years since the fire at the Xing Family mansion.

At that point in time, she was merely a teenage girl. Where could she have gone when such a big event happened to the family?

Xing Li hated Nian Xiaomu so much, but why did she not seek revenge against Nian Xiaomu? Instead, Xing Li waited for 10 years and suddenly appeared when Nian Xiaomu was about to get engaged to Yu Yuehan?

“You will have to ask yourself why!”

Xing Li wanted to stand up but was constrained by Nian Xiaomu and could only turn around to glare at her.

“Dad and mum died in the fire in order to save you, yet you disappeared without a trace. You did not even attend their funeral, and you were gone for ten years! Everyone thought you were dead, if you didn’t die in the fire, you would have died of shame! Never thought you are so lucky, and actually survived…”

As Xing Li spoke, her smile turned contemptuous.

“Do you think changing your name would stop me from recognizing you? You are the jinx that ruined my life—even if you turn into ashes, I would still recognize you!”


“I wish I could drink your blood and eat your flesh! So you can die without a grave!”