The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 641

Chapter 641 For The Days To Pass Smoothly One Must Deal With Some Cuckoldry

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Nian Xiaomu subconsciously turned around at the same time.

Seeing that her hand was covering Fan Yu’s mouth, Yu Yuehan’s face turned blacker and blacker.

A green patch of grass seemed to have grown out of his head… 1


Nian Xiaomu hastily withdrew her hand and retreated into Yu Yuehan’s arms to stop him from throwing her out of the car.

“Haste is of the devil, Yu Yuehan. You have to stay calm—you must stay calm! If you throw me out of the car, you won’t have a fiancée anymore!”

Yu Yuehan’s glared coldly at Fan Yu.

Before Yu Yuehan could say anything, Fan Yu turned to face Nian Xiaomu, chuckling lightly as he said, “Liuliu, when I see you like this, I’m reminded of what you used to be like. You also used to tell me to stay calm. If I were to throw you out, I wouldn’t have a childhood sweetheart anymore.”

Upon hearing the words “childhood sweetheart,” Yu Yuehan’s face became even longer.

Was this a case of “first-come-first-serve?”

It was!

Fan Yu was earlier than him by 10 years.

It was the most innocent and naive 10 years of her life.

Fan Yu had taught her to play the piano as well as self-defense skills.

He also taught her about business management and gave her tips to survive in the industry.

She had held his hand, lay on his balcony to listen to him play the piano, and even slept in his bed!

There was so much between them that he could not recount everything. He had no right to be upset over their beautiful memories…

Whether or not Fan Yu had mentioned those incidents to spite him, they were real and had happened.

Just thinking about it made him so jealous that he wanted to kick Fan Yu out of the car!

Screech! The car suddenly braked and everyone jerked forward.

Yu Yuehan instinctively hugged Nian Xiaomu with one arm while swiftly reaching out to grab ahold of the seat in front of him to stabilize the two of them.

Then, he lifted his head and looked out of the car as he asked in a heavy tone, “What’s the matter?”

Even the chauffeur was flustered.

“Master Han, there are many people rushing out toward us. They look like reporters!”

Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed at the chauffeur’s words. As he lifted his head, he saw that the car was indeed surrounded by many reporters.

The street was filled with their cars too.

The mob of reporters had microphones with camera men running alongside them and surrounded the car at top speed.

Before the bodyguards in the car behind them could react, the reporters had rushed to the front of the lead car.

Holding their cameras above their heads, they kept on snapping photographs.

The scene turned chaotic, and the car could not move an inch.

“How did the reporters find out that we were at the Xing Family’s old address?” Fan Yu asked.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed, he pursed his lips, and the look in his eyes turned cold.

Without a doubt, the biggest suspect behind this trouble would be the person sitting in the car behind them.

If Xing Li was willing to accept an interview with the media, she would naturally tip off reporters so that they would turn up here.

She was very good at using her frail image to her advantage.

“There are too many reporters outside. The road here is too narrow for the car to drive through,” said the chauffeur anxiously.

As soon as he finished speaking, the bodyguards who were following closely behind them rushed forward to keep the reporters away.

“As this is a private schedule, Master Han will not take any questions. Back off, back off. Everyone, back off!” The bodyguards who were clad in black suits swiftly lined themselves in front of the car and kept the reporters one meter away from the vehicle.

Before the reporters could say anything, they saw the car window wind down.