The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Who Would Dare To Block His Car?

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At the sight of Yu Yuehan’s enchanting face, all the reporters could not help but fall silent.

They had rushed here because they had received a tip-off.

After they arrived, they realized that many other reporters had gotten the same news too.

This immediately created an urgent sense of competition among them.

Everyone wanted to be the first to get ahold of new information and grab the headlines.

They were so caught up in it that they forgot that besides Yu Yuehan’s mysterious fiancée, Yu Yuehan himself was in the car too!

He was the most distinguished figure in City H.

In the business world, the mere mention of the frosty Master Han struck fear in the hearts of every single person.

Who would dare to actually block his car?

At that moment, the car window wound down and revealed his face. In that instant, the reporters’ hearts stopped.

Even the ones who had called out to charge forward were now stumbling backward and greeting respectfully, “Master Han!”

Nestled in Yu Yuehan’s arms, Nian Xiaomu instinctively tried to look up when she heard the commotion, but Yu Yuehan pressed her head down so that she would not reveal her face.

After greeting Yu Yuehan, the reporters saw that Fan Yu was sitting in the car too. Immediately, everyone’s faces changed!

Weren’t Master Han and Master Fan competitors? If they didn’t get along, why would they end up in the same car?

Compared to Yu Yuehan’s frosty expression, Fan Yu gave a friendly wave with his hand. His cordial disposition was a breath of fresh air.

Many people gasped, “Master Fan…”

After a simple greeting, the reporters retreated meekly.

However, a few reporters were astonished when they spotted a woman lying in Yu Yuehan’s arms!

Master Han was well-known for staying away from women.

The only woman he would be willing to embrace must be the rumored fiancée!

Immediately, the surrounding was filled with the sound of the camera shutter snapping away and camera flashes.

Like mosquitoes drawn to the smell of bIood, the reporters flocked toward Nian Xiaomu just to capture a view of her back.

If only they could take a photograph of her face or dig some information out of her …

The reporters could sense a huge opportunity to score a chance.

The problem was that the person holding her was Yu Yuehan.

The status of the Yu Corporation in City H was beyond doubt, and no one needed any clarification.

If they were to offend Yu Yuehan, they would surely be in hot water before they could churn out any news articles!

The mob of reporters looked at one another awkwardly, sensed the fear within themselves, and retreated together…

Just as they were about to return to their cars, a loud shriek suddenly rang out from the car behind them.

Then, the car door opened.

Xing Li pushed away the bodyguards who were restraining her and climbed out of the back seat. Once she saw the reporters, she lurched toward Nian Xiaomu’s car and grabbed the car door with both hands.

“Xing Xing, can’t you face up to what you did in the past? Didn’t you say that you wanted to confront me face-to-face? Get out of the car and say it in front of all the reporters. Let everyone hear how you caused our family to perish and how you disfigured me!

When Xing Li rushed out, the car door was still locked, so she could not open it.

However, the car window was still wound down.

Seeing that Yu Yuehan was about to wind up the car window, Xing Xing quickly slotted her arm through the gap.

He would first have to break her arm in two if he insisted on closing the window!

“Xing Xing, you’re a jinx!”

When the reporters heard Xing Li’s pitiful cries, they immediately turned around and ran forward in an instant, holding their cameras up to keep filming.

While they did not dare to interview the icy Yu Yuehan, they stuck their microphones out at Nian Xiaomu and blasted sharply-worded questions at her!