The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 643

Chapter 643 Rooting For Fan Yu

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“Xing Xing, why don’t you dare to raise your head? Are you too ashamed to meet your biological sister?”

“You caused your parents’ death and even caused your own sister to be disfigured. Don’t you feel a sense of guilt? Have you ever thought of atoning?”

“I heard that you are going to marry into the Yu Family and become the Young Lady of the Yu Family. Are you worried that Young Master Han will mind your past, so you don’t even dare to acknowledge your own sister?”

“Xing Li said that you are a jinx. Anyone who is with you will be jinxed and their families destroyed. Have you ever thought of leaving Young Master Han?”

“Could you share your opinions with regard to comments on the internet saying that Young Master Han is out of your league?”


The mob of reporters jostled with one another as they rushed forward.

The microphones were almost extended into the car.

Meeting Yu Yuehan’s dark gaze, the microphones were quickly retracted. However, their gazes never left Nian Xiaomu, who was in Yu Yuehan’s embrace, as they waited for her to raise her head.

As long as her face was revealed, they would have headline news for today!

However, before Nian Xiaomu could even raise her head, the bodyguard who was pushed away by Xing Li had already stepped forward, ready to drag her away.

“All of you let go of me! No one is allowed to touch me!” Catching sight of the reporters, she started kicking up a ruckus.

Most of the comments from the public were biased toward her, the victim. If Yu Yuehan’s bodyguard were to lay his hands on her before so many people, it could be an opportunity for her to further play the victim. She could let the public see how Xing Xing continued mistreating her disfigured sister after causing the deaths of her own parents.

By that time, no matter how powerful the Yu Corporation was, they would not be able to save her image!

Like a lunatic, Xing Li propped her hands against the car window.

The bodyguard was not able to pull her away in that instant and did not dare to be too rough on her, which locked them into a stalemate.

Seeing that they were unable to interview the person sitting in Yu Yuehan’s embrace, all the reporters turned their cameras toward Xing Li.

“Miss Xing, can you confirm that the person in the car is your younger sister? Is she really the murderer who caused her own parents’ deaths?”

“We heard that all these years, you were living with a foster family. The person who caused you to end up like this is going to become the Yu Corporation’s Young Lady. What are your thoughts about this?”

“Since Xing Xing is your younger sister, will you forgive her?”


All the reporters’ questions were guided.

Even before the truth was uncovered, they seemed to have firmly believed that the tragedy that happened to the Xing Family years ago had been caused by Xing Xing.

If Xing Li were allowed to continue spouting nonsense, it would be unimaginable how uncontrollable the situation could become!

“Young Master Han, we just received the news that when the live coverage was released by the media, the stock prices of the Yu Corporation started to fall. The attention garnered is so widespread that the shareholders are questioning what is going on!”

Holding onto his cell phone, the assistant rushed forward to report.

Not only the shareholders of the Yu Corporation, but the elders of the Yu Family would also be a concern.

In their eyes, given Nian Xiaomu’s identity and background, becoming the Young Lady of the Yu Family was already marrying someone out of her league.

Now that she was given the title of a jinx, with the Yu Family’s background and reputation, she did not even deserve Yu Yuehan!

“Make her shut up!” Yu Yuehan’s dark gaze swept across Xing Li, who was spouting nonsense in front of the reporters.

Seeing that the bodyguard nearby did not dare to make a move, he was about to get out of the car. However, Fan Yu had already gotten out of the car and walked toward Xing Li.

In front of all the reporters, he looked like he had seen through her dirty trick as his lips curled into a cynical smile.

“I am neither part of the Yu Family nor related to Xing Xing in any way. I don’t have anything holding me back. If I were to lose control of myself and beat you up, it might make the headlines and may even divert the media’s attention. You better not mess with me!”