The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Silence Is Worth More Than Words

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When these words came out of Fan Yu’s mouth, the way that Xing Li’s gaze changed was apparent.

Astonished, she lifted her head to look at him.

She wanted to say something, but Fan Yu did not have the patience to listen to what she had to say. He stretched his hand out, pulled her away from the car door, and dragged her toward the rear car.

Opening the car door, he shoved Xing Li into the car and slammed the door shut!

Turning his head toward the bodyguard, he instructed, “Watch her. If she manages to get out of the car again, you don’t have to come to work anymore!”

“Yes, Young Master Fan!” the bodyguard replied, drenched in cold sweat.

After he finished replying, the bodyguard came to the realization that he was not Fan Yu’s subordinate.

Fan Yu had already walked over to the reporters and stood before them again. With a gentle gaze on his handsome face that belied his fierce actions, every move he made eluded an elegance that could not be masked.

Standing before the reporters, his expression was cold and stern.

“The Yu Corporation and the Fan Corporation may be competitors, but if we see any false news reports, I believe that Young Master Han would not mind collaborating with me to get rid of the black sheep in the media!”

After Fan Yu finished speaking, he turned to look at Yu Yuehan, who was seated in the car.

Even though it may seem to be indifferent, his gaze was penetrating.

Upon hearing that, Yu Yuehan raised the corner of his mouth and remained silent.

There was no need for words right now.

Seeing that both of them intended to collaborate, the expressions of the reporters present at the scene changed.

Cameras were put down one after another as they spontaneously backed away.

After popping her head out of the car anxiously, Xing Li saw that the reporters were about to leave and said, “Don’t go! I have a lot more to say…”

Upon hearing her words, all the reporters turned toward her.

Xing Li’s face lit up. Just as she was about to speak, the bodyguard pushed her back into the car the next instant.

No one dared to stop Yu Yuehan’s car again.

The car was on its way once more and driving toward the Yu Family villa.

Shortly after, they arrived at the gate of the Yu Family villa.

Upon getting out of the car, the assistant went forward to open the car door for Yu Yuehan while reporting, “Everyone else in the Xing Family has been brought over. They are all waiting in the courtyard!”


Yu Yuehan held her hand tightly as they got out of the car and walked her in.

With both his hands tucked in his pockets, Fan Yu followed them in silence.

When they walked into the Yu Family villa, more than 10 people could be seen standing in the courtyard.

They were dressed normally. Among them stood some who were younger, while others were older. A few of them seemed to be married couples.

Although Nian Xiaomu had yet to see those people’s faces clearly, Xing Li, who was brought in by the bodyguard, shouted at them emotionally, “Uncle! Aunt!”

When the people standing in the courtyard saw Xing Li, they quickly rushed forward and hugged her.

Among them, one woman even eyed her up and down. After making sure she was fine, she hugged her tightly.

“Silly child, it’s been so many years—why haven’t you let go of it!”


Nian Xiaomu’s heart skipped a beat.

These people were really her family members?

Just as she was about to move forward, Yu Yuehan wrapped his arm around her shoulders, bringing her beside him.

His lips parted as he asked, “Who are the people who raised Xing Li?”

“… That would be us.” The woman who was hugging Xing Li, as well as the middle-aged man beside her, stood up together.

Hearing Yu Yuehan’s words, the woman lifted the hem of her shirt to wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“Young Master Han, don’t blame Xiao Li. When the Xing Family’s old mansion was burned down, Xiao Li became an orphan and was also disfigured. It hasn’t been easy for her all these years!”

The woman glanced at Yu Yuehan. When her eyes landed on Nian Xiaomu, her gaze turned into a look of resentment.

“Ultimately, it’s all because of Xing Xing, the jinx who ruined the Xing Family!”