The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 645

Chapter 645 A Queens Intelligence

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As soon as the woman finished her sentence, the middle-aged man standing behind her walked right up to Nian Xiaomu and spat at her.

Aside from him, the rest of the people standing in the courtyard also looked at Nian Xiaomu with hostile gazes.

Outsiders were unaware, but years ago, the Xing Family was able to live a glamorous life because of Xing Li’s parents.

Every time something happened to their brothers, Xing Li’s parents were the ones who would settle their issues.

At some point in time, even their daily expenses were paid by Xing Li’s parents.

To put it bluntly, most of the Xing Family relied on Xing Li’s parents for their livelihood. When the Xing Family mansion burned down all of a sudden, they instantly lost their pillar of support.

Fulfilling their basic necessities in life became a problem, let alone running the Xing Family’s business!

In the previous years, there was someone who had been supporting the family, so they continued to live a comfortable life.

However, three years ago, the person who had been supporting them financially had disappeared.

The Xing Family immediately fell into difficulty.

They had no choice but to survive on their own, living under the mercy of others.

Ultimately, it was all because of Xing Xing.

If not for her and if not for the fire, their good and peaceful life would not have ended.

When those living members of the Xing Family saw Nian Xiaomu, all of them treated her like a jinx and a wicked scoundrel, just like Xing Li had.

“Xing Xing, the person who should have died is you! How dare you show your face here?!” Xing Li yelled. She gnashed her teeth after hearing the woman’s words.

Hearing that, Nian Xiaomu walked out of Yu Yuehan’s embrace and walked up to the woman.

“Look at me carefully. Am I really the Xing Family’s daughter?”

It had been 10 years.

These members of Xing Family, why were they so certain that she was XIng Xing?

“You destroyed the Xing Family, causing us to receive looks of contempt for all these years. Even if you turned into ashes, we would still recognize you!” The woman lifted her head. With shaking hands, she took out an old photograph from her pocket.

Before opening her mouth, her eyes reddened.

“The Xing Family mansion was burned down in the fire, and almost everything was destroyed by the blaze. All we have left is this family portrait of Big Brother and Sister-in-law.”

The woman threw the photo at Nian Xiaomu before starting to cry and shout, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, you died such a horrible death! Your deaths were unjustified! The one who should be dead is the Xing Family’s jinx…”


Nian Xiaomu tightened her fists, lowered her head, and picked up the photograph from the floor.

In the photo, a married couple was sitting on a long bench with two little girls in their embrace.

From their posture, it could be seen that they were a very loving couple and that they loved their children very much.

As Nian Xiaomu brushed her fingers across the photograph, the tips of her fingers trembled a little.

Were they really her biological parents?

Had she really caused the deaths of her own parents…

Nian Xiaomu looked at the photograph. The girls in the picture were teenaged, and she turned to look at Fan Yu with a helpless gaze.

She could not remember what she looked like when she was young.

Fan Yu understood that she was still unsure. He stepped forward and took the photograph from her hands. After taking a look, his pupils shrank!

“It’s you.”

The Liuliu in this picture was exactly the same as the Liuliu in the photo on his study desk; even the dress she wore was the same.

That was his Liuliu.

He could not be mistaken.

“…” Nian Xiaomu’s body jerked a bit. Just as she stood up, Xing Li’s voice could be heard.

“Xing Xing, if you still have a little bit of a conscience, you should just die and apologize to Dad and Mom in the underworld!”

In her eyes, there was only hate without a tinge of familial love.

This was certainly not how a family member should behave.

Something flashed through Nian Xiaomu’s mind. Suddenly, she tightened her grip on the photograph and lifted her head, pausing with every word she asked, “With just a photograph, do you expect me to believe you? Since you claim that you are my older sister, do you dare to take a DNA test with me?”