The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Not Younger Sister But Little Miss

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Upon hearing that, Fan Yu’s gaze deepened as he held the photograph.

He gave the photograph in his hands a second look.

The old, faded photograph was not as well-kept as the one on his study desk. Nevertheless, the people in the photograph could easily be identified—not only Liuliu, but also the three other people in the photograph.

In those days, Fan Yu’s mind was entirely focused on Liuliu. As for the others, he did not have much of an impression.

Seeing the photograph today opened the door to his memory.

Consequently, those memories that were once foggy became clear.

He had seen this married couple in yard of the Xing Family mansion!

They doted upon his Liuliu.

Not only were they doting, but they also pampered her. Their attitude toward her also contained an unusual tinge of respect.

As for the photograph, the other little girl who was also in the couple’s embrace…

When Fan Yu took a closer look, his pupils shrank!

This little girl seemed to be the same person that he saw at the window sill!

Fan Yu’s lips parted suddenly as he said, “I remember seeing Xing Li around you. Back in those days, I used to look for you in the backyard of the Xing Family mansion quite frequently… ”

Hearing his words, Nian Xiaomu was dumbfounded.

Turning toward him, she thought that he was going to tell her that Xing Li was really her sister.

However, at the next second, Fan Yu’s eyes darkened.

“If I recall correctly, at that time, she didn’t address you as Xing Xing or as younger sister, but as Little Miss!”

Little Miss…

This was certainly not how sisters would address each other.

At this moment, not only was he suspecting that Xing Li and Liuliu were not sisters, he was even suspecting that Liuliu might not even be a daughter of the Xing Family!

The moment he said this, everyone nearby was stunned.

Yu Yuehan went forward with a dark, penetrating gaze.

“What did you say just now? Are you sure?”

If Xing Li addressed Nian Xiaomu as Little Miss, it would be impossible for them to be biological sisters!

When the woman who had defended Xing Li just now heard Fan Yu’s words, she became extremely emotional.

She rushed forward.

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting? Xing Li and Xing Xing are sisters. This is known by everyone in the Xing Family. Big Brother and Sister-in-law raised them since they were young. All of us saw them grow up with our own eyes—it isn’t possible for all of us to remember incorrectly…”

The “everyone” she was talking about referred to those members of the Xing Family who were still alive.

Xing Li’s parents had always been the patriarch and matriarch of the Xing Family.

It would be impossible for the rest of the Xing Family to not accurately remember the number of children they had.

Moreover, if Xing Xing was not the Xing Family’s daughter, why did the Xing couple sacrifice their lives to protect her in the first place?

Why did they ultimately burn to death and lose their own lives?

After the woman spoke, the rest of the people in the courtyard started nodding their heads and echoing her.

“Xing Li and Xing Xing are sisters—how would it be possible for her to address Xing Xing as ‘Little Miss?’ Young Master Fan must have misheard it. If this is not the case, they could have been playing pretend when you happened to hear one of the random things they said. It’s irrelevant!”

“If Xing Xing is not a daughter of the Xing Family, then the deaths of my Big Brother and Sister-in-law are even more unjustified!”

“Xing Xing is the Xing Family’s jinx! We all wish that she was not related to the Xing Family in any way. Why would any of us malign her like this?”


The people in the courtyard chimed in and started making remarks one after another.

Upon seeing this, Nian Xiaomu took the family portrait from Fan Yu’s hands and walked to Xing Li, who had fallen silent all of a sudden.

“You keep insisting that I am your younger sister. However, you don’t have a tinge of affection for me as a sister. If Dad and Mom really died to save me, as an older sister, shouldn’t you take care of me on their behalf?”